Mythbuster Monday #1

Myth: Honors students are isolated in their single rooms and Honors halls.

I cannot even begin to explain how untrue this is! I laugh when someone explains to me their concern about this. What is even weirder, is that Ferris students have completely turned down the Honors Program because of the perk of a single room.

First of all, I have a spacious room- even more spacious than my room at home. I have two wardrobes to house my love of t-shirts, sweatshirts, and jeans- what student wouldn’t want two wardrobes and a six-drawer dresser to themselves?! I have my fridge and microwave to myself also, and only one bed in my room. I am able to have a futon in here without the hassle of two beds, if I wanted. Look at this mansion!


Second (relating to reason number one)… You don’t have a roommate, and you only have one suitemate! When you have roommates, or two suitemates instead of one, you can’t “kick them out”, have your “me” time, or peace and quiet. You might study in silence, your roommate might study with music on- I know that would be a huge conflict for me. Also, with an additional roommate and an additional suitemate, the bathroom would then be shared by four people- girls know how scary this could be! I like my space in the bathroom, not worrying about who accidentally took my toothbrush and who might’ve used my shampoo. Sure, you can’t always guarantee that that won’t happen with just two people sharing the bathroom, but it’s less of a chance! You aren’t cramped in your personal space.

Third, although I do like to have tons of fun with my friends… I do like my alone time. I have many friends at Ferris, both honors and non-honors, and not a day goes by that I don’t see most of them. But, I do like to be alone when I want to be. Having a single room is awesome because I have people over when I want company, but they leave when I want them to. I go to eat with my friends, I have season hockey tickets with my friends, I go bowling with my friends. You will only be isolated if you make yourself isolated.


Fourth, being in the Honors hall atmosphere has enabled me to go to great lengths of success. It is quiet, there isn’t a bunch of kids screaming and running up and down the halls, and it allows me to get my eight hours of sleep! Also, while in my hall, I am around people that are as interested in their studies as I am. Having constant motivation and people rooting for me feels great.

I hope this Mythbuster Monday has put to rest any inclination of isolation in the Honors Program!

Mythbuster Monday is from a personal view from Honors Student and Endeavor editor, Logan Bixman.


One response to “Mythbuster Monday #1

  1. Myth and rumor sure do have a way of getting around. It is funny that when a new rumor comes up I suddenly get four or five people asking me the same thing and saying they “heard it somewhere.”

    Where is “somewhere?” 🙂 Nice column, Logan


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