Are You Interested in Writing for the Endeavor?

As of Spring 2013, it has been decided that the Endeavor will be published online in real time on a live blog,

With the new advancement, the newsletter can be updated closer to the time of happenings in the Honors Program. Having the Endeavor on a blog makes it easier for the audience (alumni, faculty, parents, family, students) to gain knowledge of the activities and perks of the Honors Program. With a blog, there will be new chances columns surrounding student life with a personal twist.

So far, there is one column published: Mythbuster Monday. Mythbuster Monday is a biweekly column written by the editor busting rumors about the Honors Program. Also, there is a “featured student” column that is in progress. It will display students in the Honors Program with their achievements and goals.

The Endeavor is compiled of a staff of an editor and the writers. The editor runs the Endeavor online, but some articles (such as Honors events, like the 4.0 Banquet) are to be written and reported by the writers. Some of the columns are to be reported by the writers also, or to contribute ideas. As a “thank you” for writing for the Endeavor, Dr. Peter Bradley has agreed to approve service hours as a payment for hard work. The number of service hours for a story or contributing to the Endeavor is currently to be determined.

Writing for the Endeavor will not be time consuming. For instance, there are about six big reporting events throughout the course of the school year for the Honors Program. Obviously, there are going to be more articles to be written, but in no way will the newsletter be overwhelming to write for. We are happy to have any staff we can!

Being a part of the Endeavor staff is a position, meaning there is a commitment. There is a short application process to be completed upon inquiry. There is a link to the application at the bottom of this post.

More updates and information will be available through the newsletter’s website and Twitter account.

Application for the Endeavor

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