Mythbuster Monday #2

Myth: Any sort of community service performed can be counted for the Honors service hour requirement.

Honors Community Service Clarification: The policy (right now) states that service hours have to be completed in Big Rapids, which we are interpreting to include hours completed through a community organization located in Big Rapids, even if the hours are not completed locally.

This means that you are allowed to participate in a community service event elsewhere if the organization is based in Big Rapids.

Many students don’t agree with this part of the service requirement, but I, personally, agree with it. The service hours that the Honors students perform should be to better the area of Big Rapids. Many students don’t go to great lengths to find service opportunities that they will enjoy, but service is so enjoyable when you find an opportunity that you can really contribute to with your unique qualities!

While growing up, I have always been involved with kids, whether it be through my love of horseback riding or nannying for three of the sweetest kids I have ever met. In Big Rapids, I volunteer (primarily) for Riverview Elementary. Whether it be making flash cards with basic words and sounds, or counting box tops for the school to earn money, these kids wouldn’t have what they do without people like me. I love realizing that I (and the other people that volunteer for them) am such a big part of the school. I feel amazing when I help them out.

In the Honors Program, for the fall semester, fifteen hours of community service is required. By the end of the second semester, a student is to have completed thirty service hours. I am nearly done with thirty hours, only a month into the second semester! When you find a community service opportunity you love, it doesn’t feel as if you’re “volunteering” anymore- it feels more like helping out family and friends. Even though I’m nearly done, I won’t stop volunteering for the elementary school, because even though I’m done with my hours, it doesn’t mean the school doesn’t need help any longer.

Mythbuster Monday is from a personal view from Honors Student and Endeavor editor, Logan Bixman.


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