Student Feature- Christine Bender

christieName: Christine Bender
Year: Senior
Major: Public Relations
Clubs: Public Relations Student Society of America
Achievements: Founders Scholarship, nominated for College of Business Excellence Award

While Christine Bender is declared as a senior, she is, in fact, only in her third year at Ferris State. Christine has taken on a heavier class load and attended school during the summer semester so she will graduate this upcoming May with a Bachelor’s degree in public relations. As far as volunteering, she has helped with numerous blood drives for American Red Cross, volunteered to work ArtPrize, and has helped with disabled testing. Christine has been an avid member of PRSSA and is currently the Vice President of Internal Relations. She has worked with clients such as “Up ‘Til Dawn” and “Vagina Monologues”. The summer before her sophomore year, she interned with Corporate Communications at LifeLock in Arizona. Her goal is to travel to every country, and has already been able to check ten off of her list! This fall, she has received an internship in Dublin, Ireland where she will live for a few months. Her dream job is to, someday, be involved with public relations for the arts and entertainment industry (preferably in another country). Christine has worked hard in her three years here, and has high aspirations for the future. The Honors program would like to congratulate her and wish her good luck with her future “endeavors”!

This Student Feature was written by Endeavor staff member Tarah Bourke.


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