Student Feature: Aaron Biever


Name: Aaron Biever
Year: Freshman
Major: Pre-Physical Therapy
Clubs: Ferris Outdoors Club, Habitat for Humanity, Fearless Cross Training, Pre-Physical Therapy Club
Achievements: Founder’s Scholarship, Great Lakes Scholarship, 31 on ACT, Creator of, Certified Fitness Trainer

“I don’t have the time, space, or the equipment to stay in shape” is an excuse you’ll never want to use around Aaron Biever. Aaron is a freshman majoring in Pre-Physical Therapy. He’s involved in the Ferris Outdoors Club, Habitat for Humanity, Fearless Cross Training, and the Pre-Physical Therapy Club. With these clubs, he has done more than sixty hours of community service in just his first semester. One of Aaron’s many achievements includes his creation of a site called Daily DormWOD, which features workouts that can be done in your dorm with no equipment, and little time! By achieving a score of 31 on his ACT, Aaron has received the Founder’s Scholarship and the Great Lakes Scholarship, which pays for all of his out of state tuition. He plans to maintain his scholarship and utilize his qualifications as a certified fitness trainer, in order to receive his undergraduate degree with honors and without debt. All of this would make pursuing his Doctorate in Physical Therapy much less stressful. Coming to Michigan in order to attend Ferris has allowed this Arizona native to have his first encounter with snow. In the summer, he’ll often be seen around campus without shoes on, as some might have already noticed, because of the warmth it brings him.

This Student Feature was written by Endeavor staff member, Dusti Manning.


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