The Effects of Learning and Memory: Honors Student Aaron Jackowski Leads Part of Ferris State Research Project

The Effects of Learning and Memory

Starting this semester, Dr. Mary Zimmer and a group of five Ferris State University students will begin a research project to determine the effects of exercise on learning and memory. The team consists of Aaron Jackowski, an FSU Honors Student studying Biology/Pre-Physical Therapy, Julie Cohen, Brendan Doyle, Catherine Plischke and Illyas Fana. Both Jackowski and Fana hold a Student Research Assistant position to help fund this research project. The study is broken down into three main study categories, the first being the effects of cardiovascular exercise and intensities in humans on learning and memory, which will be pursued by Doyle. The second category, led by Plischke and Fana, is to measure the effects of spinal cord injury in rats on learning and memory. The last category of this study is led by Aaron Jackowski, and will measure the effect of resistance training on learning and memory. Julie Cohen is currently overseeing and assisting where necessary. The study is made possible through a Faculty Research grant provided to Zimmer for the year. To study cardiovascular and resistance exercise effects, student volunteers will be recruited to participate in the study. Though the research has not been started due to the status of the protocol and permission to begin research, this dedicated group meets weekly to go over journal articles pertaining to the study as well as procedures and duties to look out for throughout the study. As should be expected, the rules and regulations for any research study are very strict, especially when studying animals and humans.  Research will begin as soon as the permission of procedure is approved.  For more information on this study, be sure to mark May 3rd (the last day of classes for Spring 2013) on your calendar. The research group, along with many others on campus, will be presenting their latest results at the Student Recognition Ceremony in the Rankin Dome Room. If you have any questions about this study, feel free to contact Student Research Assistant, Aaron Jackowski at


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