Mythbuster Monday #4

Myth: “I didn’t receive my Honors acceptance letter when everyone else did, I must not have gotten in, right?”

This was a concern I received on the Twitter for the Endeavor through the direct messages.

The answer is NO! Just because there were a wave of acceptances sent out this past week, does not mean that you have not been accepted into the FSU Honors Program. Proof of this can be found on the Future Honors Students at Ferris State University Facebook page, on this post.

So, if you have not received a letter or an email regarding your acceptance to the Honors Program yet… Do not worry!

Keep calm and check your e-mail. 🙂

Good luck to all future Honors Bulldogs!

All Mythbuster Mondays are written and posted by the Endeavor Editor, Logan Bixman.


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