Honors Student Willy Kruck Accepted to Disney College Program

154561_3389101206480_635929161_nFreshman Willy Kruck was checking his e-mail when a message with the words “Disney College Program” in the subject line popped up. Growing up as a kid, Willy absolutely loved all things Disney- Hercules, Aladdin, the Lion King, and Monsters Inc. are some favorite movies. As he read through the e-mail and realized he had the chance to put “Disney World” on his résumé, his inner Hercules, Aladdin, and Simba burst with excitement! He made plans to attend a meeting with Disney representatives talking about the program. He jumped on the opportunity to talk about working at Disney through the program. Willy quickly found out how amazing it would be to work at Disney World. “I instantly knew I wanted to do the Disney College Program this fall,” Willy said. “I had two choices between the length of time I would be working there: either from May to January, or August to January. I chose to work from August until January.” After applying on March 10th, he received an e-mail to judge what kind of a worker he is.  Willy scheduled a phone interview three days later on the thirteenth. “I was nervous for the interview,” he said. “But after it got going, I was great.” Willy was told he would receive a message with Disney’s decision in about two to three weeks. But, just after five days, Willy found out he had been offered a position! “I had been offered a job as custodial position. A custodial position doesn’t sound super attractive, but there is a lot more to it than just cleaning up popcorn. I cheer up kids, walk around and have a little bit of freedom, and have interactions with guests! At Disney, everyone is a cast member to give guests the full experience. I accepted my role, paid for my first few weeks of rent, and picked my departure date.” Willy will register at Disney on August 19th, and be enjoying Disney World until January 3rd.

This article was written by Endeavor editor, Logan Bixman.


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