Jenna Ladd: Alternative Spring Break

907035_10151294804862735_1946908185_nHow far would you go to spread a message, and show those who may have given up hope that you’re there for them? Jenna Ladd went as far as Atlanta, Georgia, dedicating her Spring Break to form relationships with the homeless in some of the worst parts of the city. She witnessed a neighborhood that had plenty of destruction, both physically and emotionally, which is also home to the most widely-used heroine corner in the nation. As nerve-wracking and scary as this is, she had a mission to spread Jesus’ word. Jenna stated, “This opportunity completely changed my life.” The experience allowed her to form friendships with people who are seen as “outcasts”, who may have felt as if they were nothing but a ghost walking the streets of Atlanta. She plans to return to Atlanta in June to help out with another mission camp. Along with being an active member of Wesley House, Jenna enjoys riding horses in her free time here in the Big Rapids area. Jenna is a second-year student, majoring in Secondary English Education, with a teaching minor in Speech Communications. Being a proud recipient of the Woodbridge N. Ferris Founder’s Full Tuition Scholarship, she plans to teach middle school English to lead her students in the same hard-working direction. She also plans to have a side job as a trainer or manager of a horse boarding facility.

This article was written by Endeavor staff member, Dusti Manning.


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