Endeavor Editor Takes Great Fall

Hello all!

I would just like to inform you that postings on the Endeavor will not be very timely.

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 10.17.58 AMLast Friday, I was horseback riding in a lesson (as I’ve been doing for the past ten years of my life) and it took a terrible turn very quickly. Everything was going great, but I turned to go down a line of jumps. The jumps were pretty close together. I got over the first two of three, and on the third one, the horse and I saw different distances.

Kate, the horse I was riding, was too close to the jump when she jumped. We essentially went up in the air, and plowed through the jump mid-air. I was thrown from Kate because she was so cantering with her neck so close to the ground, trying to keep her balance and not crush me. I slid forward off of her right shoulder onto my left side of my neck, shoulder, and head. As soon as I was off, Kate stood still, breathing over me and sniffing me, while I was screaming in agony. I was screaming because I was scared, because I was upset at myself for not handling the situation better, for falling off, for potentially hurting Kate, but mainly because I couldn’t feel anything.

I have never been so scared in my life. Once I caught my breath, and I realized that I could feel my arms and legs and wiggle my fingers and toes- even though my right ankle seemed to be caught up on something internally- I noticed an awful burning sensation in my left shoulder. I also felt like my back was squished and it was a sore, aching, agonizing pain. I was short of breath for a long time. An ambulance was called, I was strapped down, and taken away to the hospital.

553215_10200989796366546_1652886365_nWhen I first arrived at the hospital, my dad, mom, step mom, sister, boyfriend, barn friends, trainer, aunt, and what seems like a million other people were waiting for me. It’s a cloudy memory of everyone leaning over me, asking if I was okay, if I could move, if I could hear them or see them. The nurses cleared everyone out but my mom and dad, and they started giving me heavy drugs to make me able to withstand CAT scans and x-rays. After those, they discovered that I had completely crushed one of my vertebrae, my T9. My T11, L1, and L2 are also fractured. It’s a miracle my spinal cord is untouched. It’s also a miracle that I am alive, and that I can walk.

In addition to my broken back, I have a handful of broken ribs on either side, a cracked-in-half sternum, and a left shoulder that no longer has too much use for the time being, because of all the torn ligaments, tendons, and tissue.

Yesterday, I got up for the first time and used the restroom all by myself! This is the first time in almost a week that I’ve been able to get out of bed.  I haven’t eaten anything because all of my medicine has made me so sick. I’ll have a back brace on for at least 12 weeks, and I’ll be walking with a cane.

It’s a miracle that I can be sitting here, typing away on my laptop, and have an IV in that is keeping my pain away… Rather than never feeling my arms, legs, fingers, or toes again. Thank you to everyone that has been visiting me, checking in on me, and kept me in their thoughts and prayers.

I didn’t mean for this post to be “sob story”, rather than just keep everyone updated as to why the Endeavor isn’t being posted on too much! I hope everyone had a safe and healthy Easter holiday!

This article was written by the Endeavor editor, Logan Bixman.


2 responses to “Endeavor Editor Takes Great Fall

  1. Thanks for your story, Logan. I believe you are a miracle. Your strength is admirable. Your desire to carry on “business as usual” is nothing short of amazing!

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