Honors Students Kelly Wyckoff and Kevin Leahy Travel with His House on Mission Trip

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Ferris students had the opportunity to spend Spring Break in Mexico, but not just for the sunshine and relaxation.

his house 8Sophomore Kelly Wyckoff and freshman Kevin Leahy are a part of His House Christian Fellowship on campus. They were given the chance to spend their spring break on a mission trip. These two students are not new to the concept of going on a mission trip- tt was Kelly’s fifth mission trip and Kevin’s sixth. For Kevin, it would be the first time attending one out of the country.

The crew of thirty-one Ferris students and five Michigan Tech students parted from Michigan on Friday, March 8th, 2013, in three vans to make the thirty-eight hour journey. The crew crossed the border Monday morning and got right to work with Casas Por Cristo, the organization that supplied the materials to help with the trip. Over the next four days, Kelly and Kevin constructed two houses from the ground up. The laborious work was rewarding, especially when they got to meet the two families they were building for.

his house 7“They all seemed so nice and happy that we were there. Seeing their expressions… you could just tell,” Leahy explained. “Being able to build a house for someone that didn’t have one is satisfying in itself.” Kelly described the experience as a spiritual growth trip and enjoyed the moments of worship the group shared. After each house was built, the group gave a blessing over the home. From there, the crew did a worship session alongside it and gave the families a bible to have in their new homes. “To follow Christ, you’re not always going to go to a safe place. In the end, it’s going to make you grow,” Kelly said. “I love physical labor for Jesus.”

Come Thursday morning, the crew loaded up and embarked on the long trip home. Both Kevin and Kelly agree they would go on the mission trip again in the future.

This article was written by Endeavor staff member Tarah Bourke. Few pictures were taken from the Future Honors Students of Ferris State University Facebook page.


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