Dental Hygiene Senior Christa Cwiek Travels to Guyana to Provide Care to Natives


Christa CwiekName: Christa Cwiek
Year: Senior
Major: Double Major in Dental Hygiene and Psychology
Involvement: Senior Copy Editor of FSU Torch Newspaper, President of Ferris’ Circle of Omicron Delta Kappa (National Honor Leadership Society), Varsity Women’s Track and Field (Javelin), Intramural Softball, Volleyball, Broomball, Honors Peer Mentor, Intramural Sports Official, Summer Orientation Leader, Student Recruiting Associate for Admissions
Community Service: Ferris’ Annual Children’s Free Dental Health Fair, Special Smiles (Special Olympics), West Michigan District Dental Society Silent Bell Award
Achievements: Top Four Contender for FSU Honors Outstanding Scholar Award, Dean’s List for Every Semester at Ferris, Partial Athletic Scholarship, All Conference Honors for Three Consecutive Years (8th in the GLIAC Freshman Year, 6th in the GLIAC Sophomore Year, 3rd in the GLIAC Junior Year), One Semester Away from Graduating Summa Cum Laude, Current Cumulative GPA of 3.91, John F. McNamara Award for Outstanding Work at the FSU Torch Newspaper, 2011 MLK Jr. Leadership Essay Winner at Ferris

Over her spring break, Dental Hygiene senior (and also a double major in Psychology) Christa Cwiek went with a team of thirty people to Guyana, South America. This team was composed of eight Ferris Dental Hygiene students, dental students from the University of Michigan, and several dentists for the Grand Rapids area, one of which works in the clinic at Ferris. While in Guyana, they stayed with a couple that frequently hosts large groups who come on mission trips. The dental students and dentists set up a makeshift clinic in a church. On the first day, the clinic opened at 7:30 A.M., and didn’t close until ten at night! The team ran the clinic for five days straight, for about 12-13 hours a day, sitting on buckets and wearing headlights to provide care. Natives began to wait in line as early as 5:30 A.M., and some wouldn’t be seen until 6 P.M. The group of dentists and students performed prophys (cleanings), extractions, root canals, x-rays, restorations (composite fillings), and placed sealants on children’s teeth… all of this, for absolutely no charge! Within one week, the team of thirty treated approximately 740 Guaynese patients, which came to be an estimated $344,000 worth of dental care.

The trip was partially funded by the Honors Study Away Program.
This article was written by 
Endeavor editor, Logan Bixman.


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