Olivia Sowa and Jenna Matelske in This Week’s Theatre Production, “The Best Man”

This week, Ferris’s Theatre Department is putting on a show, entitled The Best Man. The Best Man is a political show about the race for the party nomination. Two candidates that are running both have degrading facts on each other, making it a very interesting show. Not only is there tension between the candidates, but also their wives! It’s a pretty serious show, but very interesting if you’re into politics or history. Honors students Olivia Sowa and Jenna Matelske are involved with the show.

Olivia SowaOlivia is next year’s Co-President of Improv Club, and heavily involved with FSU Theatre. She’s also in the National Society of Collegiate Scholars and is an Honors Peer Mentor for next year. Olivia spends most of her nights rehearsing for upcoming shows, or studying for her Pre-Pharmacy/French major. Olivia loves participating in community service through the theatre, most of which is through the costume shop. She does anything that needs to be done in the shop: pulling costumes, organizing things, and even sewing. “In high school, I did make-up and hair for the middle school musicals in my community,” Olivia said. “I feel that it is very, very important to keep the arts in school, especially since schools are cutting them due to funding.” Olivia has proudly received multiple scholarships, but two are related to theatre: the Mona Shores Performing Arts Scholarship (for outstanding achievement and dedication in the performing arts) and the Ferris Theatre Scholarship.

Jenna MatelskeJenna is involved with the Improv Club along with the FSU Theatre Department. She also studies hard, being a Pre-Pharmacy student on the Dean’s List. Next year, Jenna will also be co-president of the Improv Club with Olivia! She will be an Honors Peer Mentor, and on the Peer Mentor E-Board. Jenna has been in two productions at Ferris. “I didn’t last summer, but the four summers before that, I volunteered with my town’s youth assistance by teaching [elementary aged] kids about theater, improve, and team building. The summer ended with a play,” Jenna explained. “I was also a part of eight theatre productions in high school.”

The Honors Program has free tickets available to attend the production of The Best Man. This production is shown on April 11th, 12th, and 13th at 8:00 p.m., and on April 14th at 2:30 p.m. All shows are in Williams Auditorium.

In order to get a ticket, please go to the ticket booth and tell the attendant you are an Honors student. They will have a list of Honors students who are eligible for a free ticket. Please have your student ID with you. Also, please arrive early to alleviate long lines, so the production can start on time. If you have any questions, please contact honors@ferris.edu

This article was written by Endeavor editor, Logan Bixman.


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