Mythbuster Monday #6

Myth: “When Honors students have a short undergraduate career and begin their graduate work, their undergraduate work is not incorporated in their graduate GPA.”

When Dr. Bradley visited the Ferris College of Pharmacy to talk to P1 and P2 students who are still in Honors, none of the students knew that  that Tammy Babcock (Honors Coordinator) recalculates the GPA of students in Pharmacy school to include undergraduate work before we determine Honors probation.

As an Honors student, you need to maintain the 3.25 GPA in professional school right off the bat. The calculation is: The Honors Program takes the total number of “Quality Points” earned for all Ferris courses, and divide by the total number of “Quality Hours” earned for all Ferris courses. This gives the Honors Program the student’s overall GPA. The calculation using all the undergraduate work for Ferris courses only.

There is a GPA calculator here.

Mythbuster Monday articles are written by Endeavor editor, Logan Bixman.


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