Student Feature: Hannah Rillema

Hannah RillemaName: Hannah Rillema
Year: Junior
Major: Pre-Optometry
Involvement: Pre-Optometry Club, Honors Council, Honors Peer M entoring Program, Honors Speakers Bureau, President of the Pre-Optometry Club, Pre-Optometry Club Volunteer Coordinator for the Michigan College of Optometry, Executive Member of the Honors Peer Mentor Board
Awards: Most Outstanding Peer Mentor, Honors Residential Life Scholarship, Dean’s Scholarship

Hannah Rillema is the epitome of leaders, scholars, and role models through the Honors Program at Ferris State University.  The newly accepted Michigan College of Optometry student is extremely active on campus through numerous RSOs, such as the Pre-Optometry Club and the Honors Peer Mentoring Program. As the president of the Pre-Optometry Club, she coaches other Pre-Optometry students through the application process to Optometry School, and helps mentor them to build their academic résumés. This incredible Honors student from Whitehall, MI volunteers her time at the Michigan College of Optometry and all throughout the FSU campus. In her free time, Hannah loves to spend time doing outdoor sports such as downhill skiing, swimming, golfing, boating, playing tennis, and tons more! She also has some huge plans for the future… After graduating from the Michigan College of Optometry, Hannah plans to join a group practice in the Grand Rapids area where she will work as an Optometrist. Somewhere during that process, she hopes to get married and plan for four kids. Hannah also wants to spend time traveling and relaxing at her own future cottage in either the Petoskey or Traverse City areas. To compensate for Hannah’s fully booked agenda (Trust me, it’s packed; I have seen it!), she has to find ways to relax and relieve some stress. To do this, Hannah always makes sure to plan ahead. She sits down with her agenda and writes out time slots and due dates to ensure that she finishes everything a few days early, leaving “wiggle room” to make last minute changes or additions. Hannah also stresses the importance of taking time for herself, and does this by exercising at the Rec Center, watching a favorite TV show, catching some coffee with her friends, and letting her mind unwind. When stress is getting the best of Hannah, she fights back saying, “I remind myself that my current stressful situation is only temporary!” It is clear that Hannah has had a tremendous impact on the Honors community. Her positive closing remarks from our interview stated, “I am so happy to be part of the Honors Program here at Ferris State, as it has challenged me to be a better person, to learn more about myself, and to cherish every memory of my college experience!”

This student feature was written by Endeavor staff member, Nicole Christy.


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