Students Travel with Circle K Club to Service Convention

During March 22-24, Ferris’ Circle K club went to a convention to work on service projects. Circle K International (CKI) is the college level of Kiwanis (a “global organization of volunteers dedicated to changing the world, one child and one community at a time”). Circle K focuses on service, leadership, and fellowship and our motto is “live to serve, love to serve.”

Circle K’s majority of service is focused on helping children in need, actively raising money and performing service projects that help to fundraise. They had a big fundraiser in October, where they put on a haunted house in Paris, MI. The money raised from the haunted house funded their projects for the rest of the school year. Recently, Circle K made Easter baskets for children and sent coloring books and crayons to the hospital. The RSO attended the convention because it gave them a chance to interact with other Circle K clubs in the Michigan district, and to work with them on larger service projects.

Honors student Tiffany Newman is a part of Circle K club, and had the pleasure of going to this convention held in Midland, MI. “We worked on a lot of service projects! We did several small scale service projects that included making candy bags for children at the nature center, writing letters to marines, making thank you cards for public service providers such as police, firefighters, and EMTs, and painting posters for a wheelchair basketball tournament,” she excitedly explained. “We also went with a team of around a hundred volunteers to completely repaint the inside of a ReStore in under two hours!”
 They attended a couple of seminars- Tiffany learned about “Creativity” and “Boundaries”, but there were several workshops to choose from, such as “Business Professionalism”, “Public Speaking”, “How To Engage More Volunteers”, and a panel workshop encouraging lifelong service.

Circle KCircle K clubs are divided into districts. 
The district that Ferris is in, had the task of electing a new board, so they nominated board members, attended caucuses, and sent delegates to vote on the preferred board members. 
The picture on the right is from the President’s Ball, which occurred right after a banquet where they listened to a philosophy professor give some meaningful life advice, with a little bit of humor too! At the ball, there was a dance raffle, flat screen television raffle, and a penny war between the schools. Through all of those fundraisers, they raised over $1000 for the Eliminate project, a project to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus. Tiffany, in the picture, is also accompanied by four other Honors students. From left to right, Khrystyne Noeldner (senior), Tiffany Newman (freshman), Sarah Engelbert (freshman), Mackenzie Pahl (sophomore), and Amber Cumings (sophomore).

“As a double major in Biotechnology and Forensic Biology, I tend to bury myself in school work a lot,” said Tiffany. “While it is beneficial to study, it can sometimes feel a little helpless and draining. Circle K gives me a chance to step back and look at the big picture. While my grades are still very important, it’s always great to get out of your own little bubble and reach out to someone who could use a hand.
” Tiffany also mentioned Circle K has helped her connect with the Big Rapids community outside of Ferris’ campus. “Circle K has given me an opportunity to serve causes that I support, and even helped me gain a little bit of confidence in my own abilities. This RSO serves as a great reminder that, while you may not know the answer to every question and you may not live a perfect life, you are still always able to help out another person and make their life a little bit easier.”


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