Honors Students to Work in the Student Research Fellowship (SRF) Program

“The Student Research Fellowship (SRF) program supports collaborative research projects between faculty and students at Ferris State University. It is intended to increase on-campus summer research, contribute to the professional development of faculty, and provide Ferris students with another mechanism to gain research experience. Student fellows will work full time on a research project with a faculty mentor for a 10 week period over the summer.

Results of their work will be shared with the University community at the SRF Seminar August 21 at 1:00PM in IRC 120 (the Wednesday of Faculty Welcome-Back week).

We are grateful to the members of this year’s SRF review panel: Bradley Isler, Anne Spain, Gregory Wellman, Jerome Trouba, Maureen Mcgonegal, and Todd A. Stanislav for their careful consideration of the applications. We also greatly appreciate the financial contribution of the the affected Colleges (Deans Kurtz, Durst, Nicol, and Morgan/Damari) for their investment in this program. Please CLICK HERE for more information about the SRF program.

Please join us in congratulating the 2013 SRF recipients:

Faculty mentor: Peter Zakrzewski, Business, Graphic Design
Project: Empathy in Design Research
Student Research Fellow: Melanie Ronquillo

Faculty mentor: James Hoerter, Arts & Sciences, Biology (Non-Honors)
Project: The Effect UVB on UVA-Damaged Regenerated Adult Melanocytes
Student Research Fellow: Ashley Wachowicz

Faculty mentor: Changqui Zhu, Arts & Sciences, Biological Sciences
Project: TGF-B signaling mediated aging process in adult fruit flies
Student Research Fellow: Shaughna Langerak”

This article was taken from a University e-mail announcement and formatted for the Endeavor.


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