Student Feature: Jenna Grimm

Jenna GrimmName: Jenna Grimm
Year: First Year, Sophomore Status
Major: Pre-Pharmacy
Involvement: Pre-PharmD Club, Honors Programming Board, Fellowship of Christian Students, 2013-2014 Pre-PharmD Club Vice President, 2013-2014 Honors Programming Board Vice President, 2013-2014 Honors Peer Mentor
Awards: Fall 2012 Dean’s List, Honors Residential Life Scholarship, President’s Scholarship, Ability Based Scholarship

Though Jenna Grimm is only finishing up her second semester at Ferris State University, she is already paving the road for a successful journey to earning her degree in pharmacy. Due to changes in the Pre-Pharmacy curriculum, the program has been extended to three years, but Jenna’s hard work and dedication to her studies are allowing her to take an accelerated pathway to complete the Pre-Pharmacy program in just two years! This hard worker from Coopersville, MI is also extremely active on campus. She has completed 142 hours of community service thus far in the school year, and is going to keep adding to the list as the semester comes to a close… which means she will be earning the Initiative 125 award at the Torchbearer Awards next Wednesday! To earn community service hours, Jenna volunteers through the many RSOs of which she is a part of, along with volunteering through missionary work, tutoring at Big Rapids High School, helping at the Animal Rescue Coalition, and being a reader/scribe for the disabled. In her free time, Jenna enjoys cooking and baking, playing guitar, golf, hiking, gardening, and so much more! In the future, Jenna hopes to dedicate her time on the Starfish Kenya mission trip and continue her time volunteering. After graduating from the College of Pharmacy, she wants become fluent in German, travel to Europe, Australia, all 50 states of the US, and to wherever God takes her. When Jenna’s busy schedule starts tocatch up to her, she likes to relax by taking a step back and organizing her life. She does this by cleaning, because clutter makes her stressed. She also likes to “power down” and take a break from academics by volunteering. During an interview, Jenna stated, “Volunteering is something that I can automatically see the impact of what I’m doing for someone else. It calms me down.”  Jenna is a true role model for all students, and is becoming essential to the Honors community as her journey through FSU continues.

This student feature was written by Endeavor staff member, Nicole Christy.


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