Student Feature: Zachary Walters

Zach WaltersName: Zachary Walters
Year: Sophomore
Major: Pre-Pharmacy
Clubs: Pre-PharmD Club, Honors Peer Mentoring Program
Achievements: Fall 2012 Dean’s List, Honors Residential Life Scholarship, Dean’s Scholarship, Pre-PharmD Club President, Honors Peer Mentor, DSA in Puterbaugh Hall

President of the 5 Star Organization: Pre-PharmD Club, Zach Walters, is a leader not only in the classroom, but also all around campus. Through Pre-PharmD Club, he actively helps prepare other Pre-Pharmacy students for Pharmacy school, giving tips about the challenging application process that come along with it. This year, Zach had the opportunity to be an Honors Peer Mentor where he used his leadership skills to mentor incoming freshman Honors students in order to ease their college transition. Zach Walters, who is a sophomore in the Honors Program, was recently admitted into the Ferris State University College of Pharmacy, where he will complete his pharmacy degree over the next four years. Along with working hard to maintain his Honors Residential Life Scholarship and Dean’s Scholarship, Zach also manages to find time to work as a Desk Services Assistant in Puterbaugh Hall. This hardworking Honors student from Hartland, MI enjoys playing video games, board games, and Magic: The Gathering. He also likes to listen to music and watch movies in his free time. When asked how Zach manages stress, he replied, “I manage stress by making time for friends and myself, and the occasional nap never hurts. I also try mixed martial arts.” After graduating from the College of Pharmacy in 2017, Zach plans on getting married and starting a family.  By doing this, he would achieve his goals at his dream career as well as securing his future family.

This student feature was written by Endeavor staff member, Nicole Christy.


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