Student Feature: Ryan Kaiponen

Outstanding LeaderName: Ryan Kaiponen
Year: Sophomore
Major: Pre-Pharmacy
Involvement: Circle K International and Honors Peer Mentoring Program
Achievements: Ferris State University “Outstanding Leader Award,” Ontonagon Area High School Valedictorian Class of 2011, Ferris State Dean Scholarship, Ontonagon Hockey Association Scholarship, Honors Peer Mentor

Ryan Kaiponen is a dedicated and hard-working student who strives to meet his goal,s with a smile on his face and a guitar in his hand. Ryan’s accomplishments and positive attitude make him a perfect leader within the Ferris State Honors Program, and an undoubtedly deserving student to be newly accepted into the Ferris State University College of Pharmacy, Class of 2017. In Ryan’s free time, he enjoys freeing bears from bear traps, sky-diving while reciting Hamlet, and surfing while doing handstands. Was it mentioned that Ryan has an awesome sense of humor? Aside from doing all of the previous activities mentioned above, Ryan likes to play guitar and is involved with an adult hockey league. Within Ryan’s RSO involvement with Circle K International, he has helped with building and running a haunted house to raise money to help support Toys for Tots, and make Easter baskets for children in need. He has also helped provide yard work services for a local couple through the Big Event. Even with Ryan’s extracurricular activities, he has still managed to find time to focus on his goal of getting into pharmacy school. Ryan spent time preparing for the PCAT by studying off and on over the summer, and asking P1 and P2 students various questions about pharmacy school. The Honors Program has helped Ryan by pushing him to keep his grades up, presenting him with a lot of community service opportunities to boost up his résumé, and provided him with a good advisor who helped steer him in the right direction. Without a doubt, Ryan will be a successful pharmacist with a fun personality, who supports local music!

This student feature was written by Endeavor staff member, Kaley Funkhouser.


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