Honors INformal: How Did You Highlight the Night?

B30WW0h7CnxP_UmY2BLu_C0ftlTeTeTpy7IuYu33iCoAfter the Big Event on April 20, 2013, the Honors Programming Board sponsored the first ever Honors INformal from 8-11 pm in the Rankin Dome Room. As one of the last events to ever be held in the Rankin Dome Room, the HPB (Honors Programming Board) wanted to provide a night of relaxed fun to celebrate the end of an amazing school year. In past years, HPB has always held an Honors Formal; but this year, they decided to switch things up a bit, holding an INformal! A metal tent frame was used from Ed’s Rentals and was set up in the Dome Room. Black lights were strapped all around the frame to make the whole Dome Room glow! The room was decorated with neon colors and students were encouraged to wear their “whitest whites and brightest brights”. Music was provided by Bulldog Radio, and free prizes were given out every half hour from the Honors Program, as well as local business such as Jets Pizza, Mancino’s, Jimmy Johns, Mr. Karl’s Hairdressing, and Tan Lines. There was even a “Dance Off”’ at 10:30 where about 10 students showed off their dance moves, where one lucky winner received a $50 gift card to Mr. Karl’s Hairdressing. Glow sticks were available for purchase, and a photo booth was set up for students to have pictures taken in. Photography was provided by photographer Nick Woyak and assisted by Amber Woyak. Nick is the Hall Director in Cramer Hall. Proceeds from the glow sticks and photo booth photography were donated to the Project Starburst of Big Rapids, a local food pantry that provides food and necessities to families of the surrounded community in need. To represent the Project Starburst, Executive Director Diane Long was in attendance to explain the impact that this organization has on our community. Westview Catering supplied delicious hors d’oeuvres and drinks-FKdcDbd3Tn6oxyJbPFKTm1DqtDdu52IFwiaV-GirvYThe honors students that were in attendance all had a great time. It was a perfect way to unwind and celebrate all of the hard work they put in to this year.

This article was written by Endeavor staff member and Honors Programming Board president, Nicole Christy.

A message from the Honors Programming Board:

The Honors Programming Board would like to thank all of the local businesses that donated gift certificates and the Honors Program for donating Honors prizes and contributing towards the catering expenses. Also, a huge thank you goes out to Bulldog Radio, Amber and Nick Woyak, The Project Starburst, Rankin Student Center, Westview Catering, and Ed’s Rentals for making this night possible. Lastly, HPB would like to thank all of the students who attended for making the Honors Informal a fun night to always remember!

To see the full set of pictures, please click here.


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