Abbey Dutkiewicz and Candita Cox, Two Recipients of Service Stoles

ScholarAwardName: Abigail (Abbey) Dutkiewicz
Year: Senior
Major: Biotechnology and Forensic Biology
Involvement: DNA-Biotechnology, Golden Key International Honor Society, Omicron Delta Kappa, Research Assistant in Dr. Bradley Isler’s Genetics Laboratory in the College of Arts and Sciences, Relay for Life, the Big Event, Female Sponsor for Holt Christian Church’s Youth Group, Teacher’s Aide at GT Norman Elementary School in Reed City
Achievements: Honors Outstanding Scholar Award, Ability Based Biology Scholarship, Best Poster Award for Organic Chemistry Research Project, Nine Consecutive Semesters (thus far) on the Dean’s List, Helen Ferris Vartan Scholarship, Honors Residential Life Scholarship, Woodbridge N. Ferris Founder’s Scholarship

Upon commenting on her stole for service, Abbey responded:

PosterWhat service opportunities do you enjoy participating in?
I have had the opportunity to be involved in many service events in the last four years, like serving as the female sponsor for HCC’s youth group and helping out in an autistic classroom. As Honors students, we all are passionate about volunteering; It is about going above and beyond the baseline requirements. For me, the service requirement of the program never seemed like a requirement. I absolutely loved the events I was involved in, and I plan on continuing my involvement with the Grand Rapids community as I continue in my education.

What does it mean to compete for this stole, and then be chosen as a winner?
Honestly, the graduating class of 2013 is an outstanding group. There are so many talented individuals who have volunteered their time or stepped into leadership positions. I cannot say that I have done anything more or better than they have; all I know is that I have been blessed to have been involved with so many groups.

Erica also added, “Along with the service stole that I received, I received a scholar stole for being the Outstanding Scholar of 2013. I had the privilege of speaking at the senior send-off banquet, and through that experience, I came to know my peers a little better. I chose to collect statements from the seniors about how they had changed in the last four years, and I included some of those statements in my speech,” she said. “The goal of the speech was to remind everyone in the audience, students and faculty alike, that change is a good thing. Many students have decided to switch majors, or leave RSO’s for new ones, or step down from leadership positions to give themselves more free time. Sometimes people frown on changes like that, but I see them as growing stages; without those changes, people would not be able to embrace their true talents. I hope that when our class leaves Ferris, they continue to change; I cannot wait to see what their futures hold!”


Candita Cox- Senior SymposiumName: Candita Cox
Year: Senior
Major: Plastics Engineering Technology
Involvement: Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE), His House, Honors Council, Honors Art Show, FSU Human Resource Department, Intern at Chase Plastics, Lab Tutor, College of Engineering Technology Recruiter. Volunteer at/with: The Big Event, Educational Services & Disabilities Center, Big Rapids Public Library, MathCounts, Spaghetti Bridge Competition, FLITE, Plastics & Rubber Dept. Career Days, Honors Invitational, Bulldogs In Action, The Boys and Girls Club
Achievements: Dean’s List, Dean’s Scholarship, Frank and Mildred Justin Memorial Plastics Engineering Endowment Scholarship, Plastics & Polymer Engineering Technology Scholarship, Honors Senior Symposium Award, Honors Graduation Stole for Service

Candita commented: “Being awarded an Honors Graduation Stole for Service was an awesome IMG_0446feeling! I like to think I made a difference with my volunteer work and the opportunities I have been involved with, and being awarded the stole has further encouraged me to continue with such activities.”

The Honors Program wishes Abbey and Candita the best of luck in their future “endeavors”!


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