Congratulations to the Senior Symposium Award Recipients!

On April 25th, Honors seniors participated in the annual Senior Symposium. The following students have received awards based their presentation at the symposium:

Name: Candita Cox
Major and Degree Receiving: College of Engineering and Technology, BS in Plastics Engineering and Technology
Topic: “Can Plastic be a Realistic Material for Aesthetic Art Sculptures Applications? “

Candita Cox- Senior SymposiumThe objective of this project was to determine the degree of capability plastic, a very unique type of material, has when utilized for aesthetic art sculpture applications. This was a collaborative project involving plastics engineering students, art students, COE Professor Larry Langell, and Professor/Artist Robert Barnum. The collaborative techniques and designated participation from the start of the project up to the finish point and conclusion will be presented. In addition, the many characteristics and factors that define plastic, such as flexibility/stiffness, size, transparency/opaqueness, color, etc., and how they could potentially contribute to aesthetic art applications will also be featured. Finally, a conclusion will be determined regarding whether or not plastic is realistically and effectively a valid material for aesthetic art sculpture applications.

Upon contacting Candita for a comment on her presentation, she states, “Earning the Honors Senior Symposium Award for my “Aesthetics Engineering Art With Plastics” project was a very rewarding feeling. I am proud of myself, as well as the collaborative team of my classmates and faculty that made it all come together, with a lot of fun and creative thinking! It feels amazing to be able to represent my program and all of its unique talent with such an award!”.

Name: Kelly McCarthy
Major and Degree Receiving: College of Health Professions, BSN in Nursing
Topic: “How Does Lateral Violence Affect Nurses and Patient Care?”

Lateral violence between nurses has been a subject of ongoing concern for many years.  Its enduring impact is reflected throughout a variety of articles and statements in nursing journals.  Due to the heightened awareness of workplace violence and harassment, as well as the recent shortage of nurses, many professionals are looking for solutions to the conflict of lateral violence. Not only are nursing and healthcare professionals discovering the harmful effects of the bullying, but researchers are learning how to end the vicious cycle. Within this project an examination of the lateral violence that is occurring, how it is impacting nurses, and how it influences the health care environment and patient care will aid in and support the establishment and creation of a program that ceases the acts and overall increases the well being of nurses and their patients.

Name: Lauren Pinner
Major and Degree Receiving: College of Business, BS in Graphic Design
Topic: “What Is Branding, and Why Is It Important?”

What is a brand? Many people view it as simply a logo or a company name; however, brands are entirely about perception. According to Marty Neumeier, author of Zag and The Brand Gap, “A brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product, service, or company.” Many companies spend years trying to control and refine their brands, but why are they so important? This project demonstrates the purpose and importance of branding by using an example of a re-brand of Bigelow tea. This re-brand displays the detailed, in-depth research and planning that goes into the creation of a brand and demonstrates how brands seek to communicate the core values of a company and to ultimately lead to a more unified and effective company identity.


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