Honors Welcomes New Advisor, Charles Malone

As of September 9th, 2013, the Honors Program has a new advisor. We welcome Mr. Charles Malone, who has come to Big Rapids all the way from Colorado. Mr. Malone has brought along his wife, Mrs. Susan Hazel Rich, and their two kittens to Big Rapids.

Mr. Malone was also once an Honors student. At Kent State in Ohio, he studied English and earned a graduate degree in literature. He then went on to Colorado State to study poetry. After doing some teaching at Colorado State, Mr. Malone worked with residential life at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado, where he was able to closely collaborate with students. He loved the idea of working with students.

Here in Ferris’s Honors Program, Mr. Malone would like to apply his love of closely working with others by ultimately being a resource for all things Honors. He plans to be involved with RSOs and leaders, give support and ideas, and make customizing and personalizing the Honors Program for students easier.

When asked what Mr. Malone plans to experience with the Honors Program, he responded, “I plan to be involved in many service projects and further develop and expand the Honors Program’s depth into cultural events, making Honors able to collaborate with the rest of the university efficiently.”

Mr. Malone would like to present Honors in a fresh, exciting way, celebrating its diversity and overall experiences that come along with being a Ferris Honors student.

He plans to use his interpersonal communication skills from his previous residential life and counseling roles to listen to the Honors community—students, faculty, and staff alike—on a personal, comfortable, regular basis. “The diversity of this position, Honors, Ferris State University, and the Big Rapids community will benefit me as a person,” he said.

“I hope that the Honors community takes risks and pushes themselves to make the Honors Program customizable to benefit your goals. I challenge everyone within the Honors Program to go outside of his or her personal comfort zone and just satisfying what is asked of him or her. Be creative and propose ideas you can really think about,” he concluded.

Besides working alongside Mr. Malone on various volunteering opportunities and attending the same cultural events, the Honors Program will be having meet and greets in each of the Honors halls at the following times:

  • September 16th in Pickell Hall
  • September 17th in Henderson Hall
  • September 18th in Miller Hall
  • September 19th in Ward Hall
  • September 23rd in Puterbaugh Hall

Each meeting is from 4-5 PM.

Mr. Malone will be posting on the Honors Facebook, Twitter, and Blog frequently. You may also contact him at CharlesMalone@ferris.edu.

This article was written by the Endeavor editor, Logan Bixman.


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