New Honors All-Inclusive Google Calendar

As an Honors student, it can be difficult to find a cultural event to go to, or to know if an event event counts towards the cultural event requirements or not. It can sometimes turn into quite the hassle, until Honors’ website ( created the Honors Google Calendar.
The website is pretty easy to navigate: on the left hand side of the page, there is a link to the “Honors Calendar” which then brings up a calendar complete with not only cultural events (in green), but also events for HNRS 100 classes (pink color), and also HSA/HPB/Peer Mentor meetings (in purple)! The calendar contains events that are set in stone for the entire academic year.

On top of the events calendar, students can find a list of Honors courses that will be in the schedule for the coming semester to fit each Honors student’s requirement to take Honors courses. Students can also find a list of staff, advisors, and alumni so students can easily stay in touch with the Honors Program if they need to ask a question.

This story was written by Endeavor staff member Darcy Deckard.


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