Honors Students Speak About Their Cultural Event Experiences

Even though the academic year is only halfway over, there has already been an abundance of cultural events for students to attend. The events cover a whole array of topics: from art to science, from civil rights to relationships. They give Ferris students a multitude of opportunities to go out and expand their viewpoints and cultural knowledge. Most of these events are provided at no cost to students and are conveniently located on campus. Several students were asked about their experience with fall 2013’s cultural events thus far.

Julianne SchumackerJulianne Schumacker, Music Industry Management, freshman:

“So far, I’ve been to five cultural events and by far my favorite has been ArtPrize in Grand Rapids. It was so cool to see all of the art displays everywhere. I’m glad that the Honors Program has the cultural event requirement; it pushes me to go to events that I otherwise would not.”

Daniel Ludema, Biotechnology, freshman:Daniel Ludema

“I’ve been to one cultural event so far: Harlan Cohen – Relationship Expert. I really liked him because he was funny. If there wasn’t a requirement to go to cultural events, I probably would still go to some, especially if they were humorous.”

Hope OudbierHope Oudbier, Pre-Nursing, sophomore:

“So far I’ve only been to one because of my busy schedule, but the one I did go to was an amazing documentary called “Finding Joe.” It was about Joseph Campbell and the hero’s journey and how to apply it to our own lives. I loved this event so much. It really made me think about how I’m living and pursuing my life. I haven’t been to a “Lunch and Learn” event yet this year… However, I went to one last year about studying abroad and I really enjoyed learning about the opportunity.”

Students are encouraged to go to cultural events, even if they have met the semester’s requirement. They can be eye-opening, enriching, and a good way to spend a free evening. Gather up some friends and go see the next speaker or performer to come to campus, you won’t regret it!

This article was written by Endeavor staff member Adam Jandura.


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