Student Profile: Erica Kostiuk

Erica KostiukName: Erica Kostiuk
Year: Freshman
Major: Psychology
Involvement: Student Psychological Association, Ferris Idols, Hall Council

We are over a month into the fall semester and most of the first year students have adjusted to their college lives. Most have passed the hump of homesickness and are fully enjoying the college experience and taking advantage of all of its opportunities, whether it is in the form of RSOs, sports, academics, or cultural events.

Erica Kostiuk is a first year Psychology major and is a member of the Student Psychological Association and Ferris Idols. She came to Ferris because of the opportunity to have her tuition fully paid for by the TIP scholarship. Erica loves the idea of having a single room in the Honors halls and only having to share a bathroom with one other person. “As for college as a whole, I really like the freedom that comes from being away from home and being able to be myself,” Erica said. Adjusting to the college life hasn’t been too difficult for Erica. “The hardest part was having all of the responsibility thrust upon me all at once. The person that has been of the most help has been Yer Xiong, one of Henderson Hall’s RAs. But now, I’m pretty fully adjusted and I am having a great time at college.”

Erica has already begun to get pretty involved at Ferris, like beginning to chip away at her 15 required service hours that are due at the end of the semester. “I actually already have seven hours of community service done already,” she said. “I just volunteered at the Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Day!” Erica has been to quite a few seminars and presentations so far. Her favorite cultural event so far was the “Abuse Survivor – Jeri Jendusa-Nicolai.” “I really enjoyed it; she was very inspirational and positive to share her experience to raise awareness of abuse.”

The Honors Program wishes Erica the best of luck in her future “endeavors” as a Ferris State University Honors student!

This student profile was written by Endeavor staff member Adam Jandura.


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