Behind the Scenes of HPB: From President to President

This article was written by Endeavor staff member (and previous Honors Programming Board President) Nicole Christy.

As the 2012-2013 Honors Programming Board (HPB) President, I have seen everything that it takes to run such an involved and hardworking RSO, such as HPB.  Being involved in an RSO like this is such a life-changing and self-developing experience.  I loved every minute of time and devotion that I gave to HPB, but as I continued to grow in my academic career at Ferris State University and in the Honors Program, I decided it was time to hand down my presidency for the 2013-2014 year to someone that I knew would be perfect for the spot: LeAnne Barstow.

Last year, I helped HPB grow from being about ten students to over thirty.  We became so much more involved in our community by taking on monthly service projects, fundraising and donating proceeds to local organizations in Big Rapids, and even earning 4-Star Status at the end-of-the-year Torchbearer Awards.  We completely exceeded my expectations, and I am so incredibly thankful for the members that dedicated their time to this RSO.

As a writer for the Honors Endeavor Newsletter, I have the opportunity to go behind the scenes with RSOs, such as the Honors Programming Board, to reveal the ins and outs of what it takes to run an organization.  Upon interviewing current president LeAnne Barstow, I have seen that she has some great ideas for the club for this year, and I cannot wait to see where she takes it!

While continuing the annual events that Honors Programming Board always does, HPB has decided to make some slight changes. For example, due to the Rankin Center construction, the Honors Variety Show was held in the West Campus Community Center on 11/8 (which unfortunately only holds about a hundred people).  Because of this, the event was no longer required of all Honors freshmen, though many freshmen (as well as upper level students) attended. Attendees had the opportunity to win several prizes throughout the night, all of which were donated by local businesses around the Big Rapids community. Because HPB now contains a whole new set of members, students whom are unfamiliar with the events are planning them.  However, this is not to be taken negatively.  LeAnne explains, “We have an entirely new E-Board from last year, and a majority of new general members joined this year. Though some might think it’s inconvenient, I think our inexperience is inspiring. Our unaccustomed members approach each event with fresh ideas which can be guided by our returning members.”

In addition to talking with LeAnne about the Variety Show, she explains “the HPB will continue to support our local community by participating in monthly community service projects. Next spring, we will plan the Honors Informal, which I have some new ideas for.”

To keep updated with what the HPB has in store for the Honors Students this year, feel free to drop in to a weekly meeting, every Tuesday at 11:00 AM in STARR 136.  If you have any questions or are interested in joining HPB, you may contact LeAnne at

The HPB is also in the process of preparing to sell Honors Apparel from now until November 14th.  Order forms were placed in every Honors student’s residential hall mailbox, along with additional information regarding the sale. Additional order forms can be found in the Honors Program Office.



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