FSUbuntu “We Are One” Campaign

Are you interested in becoming more involved on campus and making a difference?  Each year, the Future Scholars Ubuntu (FSUbuntu) student organization at FSU choses one big project which will positively benefit not only the local community, but the whole world.  This organization focuses on the Liberian philosophy, “I am who I am because of who we all are” in order to bring global initiatives to campus. Under this philosophy, FSUbuntu is focusing on collaborating with the Circle of Tribal Nations RSO in their efforts to promote the project, “We Are One.”

The “We Are One” movement focuses on generating funds in order to donate indestructible One World Fútbol soccer balls to tribal communities in Michigan and other places in need around the world.  All around the world, soccer (sometimes referred to as fútbol) is a sport that reflects how many different cultures come together and become unified for the love of a single game.  In many countries, these balls are hard to acquire, and when they are, become worn out easily.  Without quality soccer balls, many children and adults are unable to enjoy the sport.  By supplying indestructible soccer balls, FSUbuntu hopes to combat the shortage of soccer balls in order to continue peace-building experiences and keep countless cultures’ love of the game alive for many years to come.  Honors student and FSUbuntu president Emily Pietrowicz states, “Our goal for this campaign is to unite Ferris State University in their mission to bring the simple enjoyment of play to youth around the world, despite their living conditions. Ultimately, these soccer balls are used as a platform for peace-building and global awareness.”

To get involved with this project, come out to participate in a soccer tournament at the campaign kickoff event on Saturday, November 9 from 1-6 PM in the Multi-Purpose Room at Wink Arena. Students, as well as RSOs, are encouraged to join this movement (in teams of 6) to be apart of the first official fundraiser to collect money for these soccer balls. At the end of this yearlong project, the RSO that raises the most money will receive a special prize.

If you would like to join or have any questions regarding “We Are One,” please contact Emily Pietrowicz through email at: pietroe@ferris.edu.

This article was written by Endeavor staff member Nicole Christy.


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