Fall 2013 4.0 Awards Dinner

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It is no secret that Honors is composed of many, many extraordinary students and faculty members. Most students that are in Honors are viewed as being “overachievers”, and while that may be true, it is not a bad thing. Honors students are known to overachieve in many ways–academically, obviously, but also through community service, involvement in sports and RSOs, helping others, and cultural awareness. They excel in displaying a sense of pride, leadership, recognition, love of learning, and overall well-roundedness. Some of these students attempt to stand out and rise above their peers, something that every student should be doing. The Honors Program chooses to recognize these students in numerous ways: scholarships, “Outstanding” awards, and academic excellence certificates (for those receiving a 4.0 GPA).

On October 24th, 2013, the Honors Program congratulated four students and one professor for outstanding behavior, three academically-successful students meeting certain criteria for Honors scholarships, and eighty-six students who achieved a 4.0 GPA in the spring 2013 semester. 

Outstanding Awards
Profiles of the “Outstanding” students and faculty member can be found by clicking on their name.

Outstanding Peer Mentor: Breann Baranski
Outstanding Leaders: Logan Bixman and Nicole Christy
Outstanding Volunteer: Allegra Babiarz
Outstanding Professor: Charles Vannette

Fall 2013 Honors Scholarship Recipients

The Stanley Dean Memorial Scholarship

BradleyMeengsMaloneSTANLEYDEANName: Bill Meengs
Year: Junior
Major: Pre-Optometry
Involvement: Pre-Optometry Club, Intramural Football, Volleyball, and Softball, University Recreation Center (UREC) Intramural Supervisor, Volunteering Weekly at the Michigan College of Optometry (MCO)
Achievements: Stanley Dean Scholarship, Faculty Sponsored Student Development Scholarship, Abigail Smith Timme-Endowed Scholarship, Hudsonville Chamber of Commerce Scholarship, Honors Speech Contest Winner

From Dr. Peter Bradley, Honors Program Director:

“The Stanley Dean Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a full-time junior who maintains a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. Candidates for the Stanley Dean Scholarship must demonstrate leadership potential on campus and/or through community activities. This year’s scholar is a student in our Pre-Optometry program that is active in the Pre-Optometry Club, as well as a number of other RSOs. We are delighted to recognize Bill Meengs as this year’s Stanley Dean Memorial Scholarship recipient.”

As well as the requirements for the Stanley Dean Scholarship listed above, Bill also acquired three letters of recommendation (two from faculty, one from a personal connection) and wrote a three page personal essay to finish the application process. “I am very blessed and grateful to receive the scholarship, I know it was a very competitive applicant pool,” Bill commented. Besides having a chance to receive scholarships reserved for Honors students, Bill explains the other benefits of Honors. “Honors has been very beneficial for me, especially in providing a lot of face-time with the professors and doctors here at Ferris that are in my field of study.”

Honors congratulates Bill on his scholarship and commends Bill on his involvement, success, and dedication to Pre-Optometry.

The Edwin Harris Memorial Scholarship

Megan Brockett 001Name: Megan Brockett
Year: Sophomore
Major: Double Major in Accounting and Finance
Involvement: Delta Zeta, Accounting Association, Student Government, Intramural Volleyball
Achievements: President’s Scholarship, Ruth L. Shattuck Scholarship, FSU Alumni & Friends Scholarship, Frederick Broemer Award, 4.0 GPA Freshman Year

From Dr. Peter Bradley, Honors Program Director:

“The Edwin Harris Memorial Scholarship is awarded once a year to a student in the Honors Program at Ferris State University. Students write a thousand-word essay detailing their academic excellence, appreciation for and/or utilization of technology in the learning process, and potential for success in their chosen field. This year’s scholar is an accounting and finance double major, who serves as an Honors Peer mentor and a member of student government. She earned 50 credits by the end of her first year at Ferris, and maintains a 3.93 GPA. We are thrilled to award the Edwin Harris Memorial Scholarship to Megan Brockett.”

“It was a great surprise to be awarded this scholarship,” double major Megan Brockett said. The words “double major” are enough to make any student cringe, resulting from thinking about the amount of homework, exams, and studying one would have to complete to earn two degrees in a timely fashion. Megan successfully balances being a double major, a sister of Delta Zeta, and a member of the Accounting Association and Student Government.

“The biggest thing I have gained through Honors is better leadership skills,” she stated. “A lot of it came from being an Honors Peer Mentor for incoming freshmen. The Honors Program has given me a lot of opportunities to use these leadership skills.”

Honors praises Megan for her academic excellence in both of her majors and her involvement on campus.

The Virginia Miles Shepler Scholarship

BradleyDeakMaloneSHEPLERName: Nathaniel Deak

From Dr. Peter Bradley, Honors Program Director:

“The Virginia Miles Shepler Scholarship is awarded annually to a full-time, undergraduate student in the Honors Program, majoring in either Pre-Pharmacy, Pre-Medicine, or Pre-Optometry. This year’s scholar will also cross the stage again later tonight, as he carries a 4.0 cumulative GPA. We are so glad to award the Virginia Miles Shepler Scholarship to Nathaniel Deak.”

Nathaniel Deak could not be reached for an interview.

Spring 2013 4.0 GPA Recipients

Gabriel Aikins
K. Lee Barnes
Ashley Beaudry
Katherine Becker
Haille Bernson
Luke Beyer
Aaron Biever
Logan Bixman
Bradley Bohle
Kelsey Bott
Ashley Bradstreet
Rachael Broecker
Nathaniel Beuchler
Paige Bukowski
Kelsey Burnside
Vanessa Colletti
Kaitlyn Coon
Alexandra Costa
Rachel Crane
Amber Cumings
Nathaniel Deak
Caleb Divens
Hunter Dolan
Michelle Dunn
Andrew Elenbaas
Tara Erwin
Rachel Garrity
Jenna Grimm
Matthew Haan
Andrea Harthorn
Joshua Hendrickson
Megan Hurst
James Johnson
Lauren Kasperlik
Serena Kelley
Johnathan Kelly
Lauren Kelly
Rachel Kempisty
Zane Kern
Jordyn King
Evan Kleikamp
Monica Klein
Daniel Konkle
Matthew Kuiper
Kevin Leahy
Danielle Lefevre
Jennifer Leitner
Daniel Lidman
Sarah Maddox
Darian Marks
Erin Martin
Virginia Martinez
Amanda Mathy
David Meldrum
Derek Meyers
Kaili Morse
Danielle Motz
Brian Murphy
Amy Musial
Kevin Neff
William Ohrt
Kristen Osip
Joseph Pacella
Robert Pacella
Sadie Palomaki
Derek Phelps
Joyanna Powell
Hannah Rillema
Micah Rimpel
Sarah Roda
Jacob Schuitema
Sarah Scobey
Bryan Seguin
Matthew Sinnaeve
Miranda Sweeney
Ashley Taylor
Justin Ullrey
Molly Vanderwest
John Vonderwerth
Autumn Waldron
Daniel Westrate
Dalten White
Heidi Wobrock
Alexandra Wood
Kelly Wyckoff
Kristina Zywicki













This article was written by Endeavor editor Logan Bixman.


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