Nichole Boehnke Recognized as GLIAC Offensive Player of the Week

Nichole Boehnke SoccerName: Nichole Boehnke
Year: Sophomore
Major: Journalism and Professional Communication
Involvement: Women’s Varsity Soccer, Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC)
Achievements: Athletic (Soccer) Scholarship, Honors Residential Life Scholarship, President’s Scholarship, All GLIAC Tournament Team (Freshman Year), GLIAC Offensive Player of the Week, GLIAC First-Team (Sophomore Year)

Many Honors students are known to not have too much extra time on their hands. Between homework, studying, RSOs, community service, and other commitments, many students (both Honors and non-Honors) really don’t have too much extra time in their lives. How does adding a varsity sport on top of that hectic schedule sound? Sophomore Nichole Boehnke understands the balance of being involved, a dedicated Honors student, and being a key asset of Ferris’ Women’s Soccer team.

Soccer has been a part of Nichole’s lifestyle for quite some time. “I’ve been playing soccer since I was 4,” she commented. “I love the team here at Ferris. Everyone gets along well and we act like a family. No matter how we do, we always have each other… Which, in the end, I believe, helps us play better. It [the team] gives me support through stress that may come from balancing my schedule when it gets busy.”

Not only does Nichole find a family atmosphere within her team, but she also finds the same community within Honors. “Honors has allowed me to meet people that I would have never gotten to meet otherwise,” she said. “They [the people] have been able to share different experiences with me. I’ve met some great friends.”

As impressive as Nichole’s involvement in Honors, school, and the women’s soccer team already is, her season’s recognition is impossible to overlook. On October 21st, she was named the Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (GLIAC) Offensive Player of the Week. “I played 1455 minutes this year,” Nichole said. “I had 11 goals and 5 assists, which is 27 points.”

Congratulations, Nichole, as well as the women’s soccer team, on the numerous recognitions received this season!

This article was written by Endeavor editor Logan Bixman.


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