Logan Praay Participates in Pere Marquette River Project

FaceShotName: Logan Praay
Year: Senior
Major: Surveying Engineering
Involvement: Burt and Mullet Surveying Engineering Student Organization, Intramural Softball, His House Christian Ministries, Member of His House Praise Band, Honors Peer Mentoring Program, Volunteering for the Big Event, MathCounts, Michigan Department of Natural Resources for the Michigan Watershed Initiative, His House, Honors Peer Mentor
Achievements: American Council of Engineering Companies of Michigan Scholarship (2013), Michigan Society of Professional Surveyors Scholarship (2013), Force Recon Association Scholarship (2013), Secretary of Lambda Sigma Surveying Engineering Honors Society (2012)

Logan Praay, Honors senior in Surveying Engineering, is a very active member of the Ferris community. Priding his Honors membership through his actions is not something uncommon of Logan. “In the past three years, being part of the Honors Program has allowed me to generate some very special friendships that (I anticipate) will last long after I graduate from college,” he said. “My hope is that I have given the same measure of friendship to others who have come or passed through the program as well.” Not only does Logan give incredible amounts of respect, friendship, care, and interest in his studies, friends, family, and the university, but he also shows the community the same qualities. One instance where he demonstrated these qualities was at one of the Pere Marquette River Projects.

photoOn October 19th, Logan accompanied many other volunteers to participate in an ongoing project called the “Michigan Watershed Initiative,” presented by the Pere Marquette Watershed Council. The water speeds up around the bends in the river, hitting against the land, it erodes into the river. This is now fixed by building a rock-retaining wall. By building the wall, the water will collide with the rocks rather than the bank itself. “I chose to pursue this event because it was a good way for me to enjoy the outdoors,” Logan commented. “All while being able to do some helpful volunteer work that benefited the environment.”

Thank you to Paul Bigford for supplying photos for this article.

This article was written by Endeavor editor Logan Bixman.


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