Freshmen Reflect On First Semester Experiences

The transition from high school to college is often a highly anticipated experience for students. Making their own decisions and taking on their own responsibilities seems like an appealing aspect after years of living with nagging parents and having the same daily routine. Honors students at Ferris State were (and still are) especially eager about embracing all that college has to offer. Being done with the first semester, some of the Honors freshmen reflect on their involvement with the Ferris State Honors Program so far.

LindseyName: Lindsey Gerstler
Year: Freshman
Major: Pre-Pharmacy
Involvement: Crafters Anonymous, Pre-PharmD Club, Rake and Run
Achievements: Full-Tuition Founder’s Scholarship, 150 Community Service Hours Award, Choir Award, Spanish Department Award, Owosso Education Association Scholarship, Red Cross Scholarship

Lindsey is a first year student in the Honors Program at Ferris. By being a Pre-Pharmacy major, she has gotten herself involved with the Pre-PharmD Club and Crafters Anonymous, where her knitting skills come in handy for helping her gain service hours. With the semester now over, Lindsey has had time to get accustomed to life as an Honors student as well as enjoy the advantages that being in Honors brings. Through her Honors experience so far, Lindsey most greatly appreciates the opportunity to reside in the Honors dorms and associate herself with other students who care about their education as much as she does. She often finds her fellow Miller residents and herself collectively reflecting on their shared academic goals and contributing ideas on how to improve their time at Ferris and maintain their Honors statuses. “One of the aspects of being in Honors I like the most is that everyone in the hall has his or her own room. That way, I still get the privacy I want, but I can go talk about school and other stuff with the people in my dorm when I want to,” Lindsey said.

One of Lindsey’s favorite experiences at Ferris so far is having the opportunity to be taught chemistry by Dr. Bill Killian. Lindsey knittingHaving such an enthusiastic and involved professor, completely dedicated to enriching his students’ knowledge, makes Lindsey even more grateful of her choice to attend Ferris State. Lindsey claims that interacting with such an exceptional professor “makes learning and retaining the lecture material way easier.”

Like many other Ferris students, Lindsey’s favorite place on campus is FLITE. Lindsey loves the quiet atmosphere of the library and she often gets her favorite drink from the coffee shop before buckling down and studying. “The Mocha Creamices from the library coffee shop are to die for. I often use them as my reward for going to FLITE and studying,” she explained.

Lindsey plans to stay in Honors for her time at Ferris and she hopes she’ll stick with pharmacy and be a pharmacist when she graduates, but “that’s quite a way in the future, so [she] can’t say for sure yet!”

MeganName: Megan Ringquist
Year: Freshman
Major: Graphic Design
Involvement: Intramural Soccer, Real Life
Achievements: Ferris Gold Scholarship, West Ottawa High School Athletic Scholarship

Megan is a freshman and a member of the Graphic Design Program. Similar to many incoming Honors students, Megan loves the atmosphere of the Honors halls and being around other motivated people. Through living in the dorms and participating in the Honors’ activities at the beginning of the year, such as Fun Day, Megan has gotten to know some of her best friends. One of Megan’s favorite experiences this semester was the hockey game she attended. “It was very wild and fun; the energy was Megan at Real Life Fall Retreatgreat,” she said. Additionally, she appreciates the opportunities being in the RSO “Real Life” has presented her, like making Christmas cards for military members.

Another part of the Ferris experience that Megan loves is the campus. “When it was nice out, I liked the South Quad. It was a good place to play soccer and hang out with friends,” she stated. After graduation, Megan plans to get a graphic design job some place “other than Michigan, that’s warm.” However, she claims she is the type of person to just “go with the flow” and hope things pan out in a good way. “I don’t really plan out my life, I just kind of go with whatever opportunities are presented to me!”

DavisName: Davis Baker
Year: Freshman
Major: Social Studies Education
Involvement: Habitat for Humanity, Box City
Achievements: Dean’s Scholarship for Ferris, Honors Credit Union Scholarship, Albermarle Scholarship, Johnson Controls Scholarship

Davis came into the Honors Program as a Computer Network Systems major, but recently changed it to Social Studies Education after realizing that teaching social studies is what he truly wants to do. Davis was excited about all the aspects of being in Honors except one—the required 30 service hours. “At first, I was kind of uncertain about the idea of doing 30 community service hours for a year—it seems like a lot,” he said. “But then I participated in an activity through Habitat for Humanity that got me 7 service hours in one day.” After that event, he realized that the service requirements aren’t too difficult to obtain and is actually looking forward to the rest of Habitat’s community projects.

Davis is grateful for the opportunities Ferris has made available to meet new people. His favorite experience he’s had, Davis 2however, is living in Miller Hall because of his many new friends who share common interests. He never has to go far to find someone to accompany him to the Rock, his favorite place on campus. “The Rock has surprisingly good food for being a college cafeteria,” observed Davis.

After graduation, Davis expects to become a high school social studies teacher for 6 to 7 years before going back to school to get his Master’s degree.

The Honors Program wishes these freshmen, along with the rest of the Class of 2017, the best of luck in their future in endeavors throughout the Ferris Honors Program!

This article was written by Endeavor staff member Hailey Klingel.


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