Spring 2014 Outstanding Scholar: Danielle Lefevre

dsc6788-x2Name: Danielle Lefevre
Year: Senior/First Year Professional
Major: Optometry
Involvement: Bulldog Radio, Pre-Optometry Club, FSU Symphony Band, FSU West Central Concert Band, University Eye Center Student Employee, Animal Rescue Coalition of Mecosta County, Relay for Life, The Big Event
Achievements: Golden Key Honor Society Nominee, Ferris State University Honors Speakers Bureau, Founder’s Scholarship to Ferris State University, renewed for four years, Seven semesters on the Ferris State University Dean’s List, Michigan College of Optometry Early Admissions Program (April 2012), Weeks-Larkin Optometry Scholarship (Spring 2013, selected without application by the Associate Dean and Admissions and Awards Committee), Ability-Based Scholarship for Pre-Optometry Club Executive Board (Spring 2013, awarded by the College of Arts and Sciences), Ability-Based Scholarship for the Ferris State University Symphony Band and West Central Concert Band (Spring 2013, awarded based on commitment to the Ferris music program), Grandchildren of Robert Friar Scholarship (Spring 2013, awarded to applicants based on field of study and grade point average), Susan and Ernest Wenger Scholarship (Spring 2013, selected without application by faculty of the Ferris music program to full-time students with commitment to the music program and leadership in music)

From Dr. Peter Bradley, Honors Program Director:

“The Outstanding Scholar Award is given annually to the one graduating senior who best demonstrates the ideals and values of the Honors Program. After an initial review of their records in Honors, a handful of students are asked to submit his or her Curriculum Vitae and a cover letter to a committee of Honors staff and faculty for review. That committee chooses four finalists for interview.

The Outstanding Scholar this year is Danielle Lefevre. Danielle is currently a 1st year student in the Michigan College of Optometry, where she will earn a Bachelors of Science in Vision Science this May. She has earned many awards and scholarships during her career at Ferris, including appearing on the Deans’ list every semester. Her volunteer work has included the night shift at Animal Rescue coalition of Mecosta County, the University Eye Center, Optometric Services to Humanity, as well as others such as the Big Event and Relay for Life. She was also a DJ on Bulldog Radio! She is a leader among her peers, serving as the 2017 Class Representative at the MCO Student organization, as well as the lead trumpet player in the University Symphony Band.”

As humbled and honored as Danielle was by being awarded the 2014 Outstanding Scholar award, it came as a complete surprise. “I didn’t even think about it among the chaos of grad school,” she said. “Receiving the email informing me that I was nominated was definitely a proud moment.” Proceeding in her seemingly all-too-modest manner, Danielle commented, “I am still in shock about receiving the award. I feel like just an average Ferris student who happens to be busy all the time and doing some pretty intense school work these days. I’m so thankful for my experiences here and am thrilled to have received such an honor!

dsc6752-x2“[It’s] Surreal. I know I’ve put the time in here at Ferris and worked hard the entire time, but I was almost sure that any of the other three finalists would be the one to get the award. It feels fantastic to receive such an honor. I love this university and am so thrilled and grateful to be able to represent the school in this way.”

As if Danielle’s Honors Bulldog pride didn’t shine through enough, when asked about her favorite and most memorable experiences at Ferris, and what she will miss once she graduates, she said, “My favorite Honors experience has to be living in the Honors dorms. I guess any student for the first year or two lives in the dorms on campus, but the Honors ones specifically are where I made some of my best friends in college. It’s nice having all of your friends living with you, especially when they’re academically driven like you are.

“I will miss the people here. The students in Honors have become some of my closest friends. I have learned so much from my professors, both inside and outside of the classroom. I’ve learned a lot about myself along the way, too. It’s a good thing I like this university, because I will be here for another three years. But with this upcoming graduation, it feels like the end of an era.”

Honors would like to commend Danielle on her tireless efforts of continuously succeeding at being the best Honors student, person, and bulldog she can be. We wish you the best of luck in all your future “endeavors!”

This article was written by Endeavor editor Logan Bixman.


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