Student Profile: Argjir Dubova

Argjir Dubova, a major in International Business & Accounting, comes to the Honors Program from Kosovo as an international student. He is a student at HAMK University of Applied Sciences in Finland where he plans to earn his degree in Business Administration in December 2014. He previously studied at the University for Business and Technology in Kosovo.

10384973_10152047944423344_1493710665_nHe has been active on campus during his time at Ferris by participating in the Accounting Association Club, playing intermural soccer, and attending events organized by the International office including the Cultural Fair, Study Abroad Fair, and trip to Niagra Falls. Argjir also helped organize a spring break trip to California. Which he described as a dream, saying, “Visiting California with my girlfriend was an experience, which is still like a dream to me. I managed to visit the two beautiful cities of California: LA and San Francisco. Visiting the beaches and other amazing places was fantastic.”

Argjir achieved a strong GPA during Fall 2013 while taking classes both here and online through his University in Finland. His academic success earned him a place in the Honors program.

When asked about his time here, Argjir says, “I experienced the American college, which was a wonderful and marvelous experience. Despite the fact that being in Honors Program you have many benefits such as priority course registration, travel scholarships or free cultural events—I was really proud to live in one of the best residence halls in campus. I always learned something new from everyone I met in this program. Everyone was positive and what motivated me the most was the energy and enthusiasm that students had to work and study hard. I am glad I was surrounded by these great students.”

Argjir also encourages students here to go abroad if they have the opportunity. “I have visited a lot of places in Europe and other places around the world. I was very happy to share my experiences with other students. I tried to stimulate a friend of mine, Andy to go for exchange studies in Germany next year and he is looking forward to go for it now. Moreover, whenever I told students that I am an exchange student from Finland, everyone was interested in Finland’s education system as it is one of the best in the world and I am glad I shared this experience with them. To continue, because I study International Business I also read a lot about international news such as politics, business, wars etc. I was always interested and excited to discuss with others about economics and the situation in Syria, Ukraine and Russia, my country, Kosovo and the rest of Europe.” Argjir also did his Bachelor’s thesis on why business students choose not to go abroad.

In addition to his conversations about soccer with Andrew Klarecki, Argjir will miss the study room in the COB and the UREC. He tried to find ways to prolong his stay and hopes to be back soon.

About his future plans Argjir says, “I only have two more classes to graduate and because I switched my major into accounting at Ferris, those two accounting courses are not provided in Finland, therefore I am planning to apply for summer school at the London School of Economics this summer, which is the third best university in Europe after Oxford and Cambridge universities, and I hope to get accepted.” He also plans to keep in touch with his friends from Ferris because, “from the business perspective it is always beneficial to have a great network, especially in International Business. But, personally I had a great time with everyone I met and I look forward to see my best friends again, and when I say it I really mean it.”




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