The Endeavor’s New Editor!


My name is Hailey Klingel and I’m the new editor of the Endeavor! I’m a second year Honors student in the Journalism and Technical Communication program.

When I was asked if I wanted to take over the position of the Endeavor editor, my first thought was that I did, but I couldn’t. Between my job as a reporter for the Torch, classes, Honors requirements, and attempting to maintain a social life, I’m the typical extremely busy college student. I anticipated that there was no way I’d have time to produce any quality writing for the Endeavor.

However, once I thought about it a little more, I realized that through my voice and the Endeavor, I could (hopefully in a positive way!) transform the way some people understand and perceive Honors.

Being in Honors truly does change students’ college experiences—sometimes for the better and sometimes not. Mostly for the better, though. One of my goals is to very honestly highlight the various ways in which Honors affects our lives.

Even though I’ve only been involved in the Honors Program for a year, it has altered my time here in such a different way than if I had not joined the program. I know other Honors students who take advantage of the benefits of the program can attest to that fact as well.

Also, I aim to display the different talents Honors students bring to Ferris, so to any creative Honors students—don’t be scared to contact me if you have any pieces you’d love to get out there!

I’m extremely excited and grateful for this opportunity and I hope it will become evident through my writing.

That’s all for now, I hope everyone has a wonderful first week and stay tuned for more posts!


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