Edwin Harris Memorial Scholarship Recipient: Shaelyn Domansky

Year: Sophomore

Major: English

Involvement: Pickell Hall Council, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Honors Book Club, Honors Peer Mentoring Program Board, Desk Service Assistant in Ward Hall, Trail Construction for the National County Trail Association in Newaygo County, Honors Peer Mentor, President-in-Training for Peer Mentoring Board

Achievements: Edwin Harris Memorial Scholarship (received on Oct. 16), Dean’s List (2013/2014 school year), National Society of Collegiate Scholars (Oct. 12 to present), Michigan Competitive Scholarship, Dean’s Scholarship

The Edwin Harris Memorial Scholarship is awarded once a year to an Honors student who exhibits academic excellence, appreciation for/utilization of technology in the learning process, and potential for success in their chosen field.

Shaelyn Domansky excels in all three areas, which led her to receive the Edwin Harris Memorial Scholarship at the Honors 4.0 Banquet on Oct. 16.

“I was extremely grateful when I learned I received this scholarship,” she said. “I am always looking for opportunities to help me down the educational path. Without the help from the school, community, and other scholarships, I would have a difficult time pursuing my educational dreams.”

As an English major, Shaelyn is constantly displaying her love and talent for the written word, which was a contributing factor to her receiving the Edwin Harris Memorial Scholarship.

“I put a lot of thought into what I am going to write about and am always grateful to hear when others notice my efforts,” she said.

Shaelyn is also appreciative of the Honors Program enhancing her leadership skills and introducing her to new people through events such as the Michigan Honors Association Leadership Conference she attended earlier this month.

“I met many new people, learned more about myself, and, more importantly, learned how to work with others who have different ideas and personality types than myself,” she said of the event.

In addition, Shaelyn facilitated a community service project earlier in the semester for the National County Trail Association in Newaygo County. She hopes that her mentees appreciated giving back as much as she did and that it inspires them to continue to seek out service opportunities.

So far, Shaelyn’s favorite experience at Ferris is the wonderful people she’s been able to meet and the opportunities they’ve provided for her.

“A lot of my friends I have gained were from living in Pickell last year,” she said. “I also have met great faculty members, such as Charlie Malone and Dr. Blake, who are always open to talk and help to keep me on the path I wish to maintain.”

After she graduates, Shaelyn hopes to continue her education and receive a doctorate in English, then move on to teach at the collegiate level.


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