2014 Honors Variety Show Winners: Crowd Favorite and Judge’s Choice

On Monday, Nov. 10, many Honors students took a break from studying for finals to enjoy themselves at the Honors Programming Board’s 10th Annual Honors Variety Show.

The band ‘Entervention’ won those in attendance over and received Crowd Favorite for their performance of an original song, “Insomniac.” Entervention consists of lead vocalist T.K. White, guitarist and back up vocalist Cody Burkhard, drummer Mac Hay, and bassist Keith Salowich.

Photo courtesy of the Honors Program

Photo courtesy of the Honors Program

Entervention had only played together once prior to the Variety Show, according to Keith, who was interviewed after the show.

“Our first show was at an open mic night at the hookah lounge about a week before the Variety Show,” said Keith. “We were pretty well-received there, so we decided to give this a try. We are definitely planning on playing as many shows as we can in the coming days, so be on the lookout for us! We’re always working on new music.”

Photo courtesy of the Honors Program

Photo courtesy of the Honors Program

Keith said that as much as they would have liked to win Judge’s Favorite, they thought Irma’s Flow Art performance was “really cool” and that she deserved it.

“Hers was probably my favorite, though I really enjoyed all of them and give props to anyone who was willing to take the stage, either as an act or just for crowd involvement,” said Keith.

Senior Honors student Irma Collins’ Flow Art performance ‘Manifestation’ was also popular with the Variety Show’s judges. Irma can often be spotted hoola-hooping and practicing flow art at the Rec, outside of FLITE or the Rock.

“Flow arts are a discipline that explore the combination of dance and creative moment, usually with a skill-based prop,” explained Irma. “Hoop dancing is one style, while there is also poi, dragon staffs, ribbon, fans, wands, and various martial arts.”

Photo courtesy of the Honors Program

Photo courtesy of the Honors Program

Irma’s interested in flow arts was sparked when she attended two music festivals in the summer of 2013, and she got her first hoop shortly after. While some moves were easy for Irma to pick up, others have taken months of practice. Her first hoop performance was last year for FSUbuntu’s Anti-Trafficking Art and Music Festival, but this was her first time performing at the Honors Variety Show.

Photo courtesy of the Honors Program

Photo courtesy of the Honors Program

“Despite the fact that I’ve been seen various times with a hoop, it’s different to see a performance instead of tricks,” said Irma. “I feel I stood out to the crowd because it is very entrancing to see the combination of my dancing and control of the hoop flow with the beat of the music. I also feel comfortable with my mistakes, so it was easy for me to laugh it off when I accidently let go of my hoop during the performance.”

Irma’s favorite performance at the Variety Show (aside from her own!) was Ellie Ohm’s dance routine.

“She has incredible acro skills and also understands how to surrender to the flow of the music,” said Irma. “I also enjoyed Cheyenne’s comedy routine as she joked about Ferris’ #collegeprobz.”

Irma has been an active member throughout her time in Honors and with the Ferris community. She has participated in the Honors Art Show and plans to submit another piece for the grand opening of the University Center Art Gallery.

Congratulations to our Variety Show winners for displaying the many talents of the Honors Program!



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