Allegra Damari: Honors Community Management Specialist

Allegra Damari, 23, is the Honors Community Management Specialist for the 2015-2016 school year. She graduated from Ithaca College in Ithaca, NY in May 2014 with a bachelor’s in psychology and minors in marketing and honors. Allegra grew up in Memphis, but moved back to the Big Rapids area recently because her dad is the dean of Michigan College of Optometry.

Photo courtesy of Allegra Damari

Photo courtesy of Allegra Damari

After graduating college, Allegra worked in marketing for a commercial printing company for about a year. When she moved back here, she was looking for a job and heard about the Honors Community Impact Manager position.

“I was involved in the Honors Program at Ithaca College for all four years of my undergraduate education,” she said. “I knew I wanted to get involved with Ferris because my dad loves it here. I wanted to come and see how it would be to work in an academic atmosphere because I loved my college experience. I love the diversity and the community aspect of college.”

As the Community Impact Manager, Allegra controls the Honors’ social media accounts and is a “liaison” between Honors students and the Honors staff. She helps promote events, leadership opportunities and volunteer opportunities to try to get more students involved.

Allegra said that she knows that she will be able to relate well to current students since she graduated from college so recently.

“I definitely know a lot of the things students are going through and a lot of the anxieties and nerves of being at college and being away from your family,” she said. “My experience is that getting involved is very important to meeting new people to get yourself out there, so I really think that’s an important thing for students, especially Honors students, to be a part of. So I’m going to try to push people to meet new people and go outside their comfort zone a little bit.”

Allegra isn’t completely sure what she wants to do career-wise yet, but said she enjoys research, statistics and analytics. She plans to take a few classes at Ferris next semester and has been looking into grad school in Michigan and around the country.

Her advice to students who, like her, aren’t completely sure of their future: don’t worry.

“Even thought I’ve graduated and been in the workforce for about two years now, I still don’t quite know,” she said. “Don’t really worry about that. Just be sure you are involved with as many things you enjoy and that will kind of push you towards where you’re looking to have your life lead you.”

Some of Allegra’s other hobbies include crocheting, singing, and playing the flute and piccolo. She works in the Honors Office Monday through Thursday, so stop in and meet her!


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