Guest post by Haylee Luedtke: My time at Ferris

Haylee Luedtke is a senior in the Honors Program. This is her last semester at Ferris, so she took the time to reflect on how Ferris and the Honors Program have shaped her into the person she is today.

Name: Haylee Luedtke

Haylee with her Student Excellence Award for Ferris' College of Business.

Haylee with her Student Excellence Award for Ferris’ College of Business.

Year: Fourth

Major: Health Care Systems Administration and Business Administration

Hometown: Lake Orion, MI

Involvement: Health Care Management Association, Alpha Xi Delta, Panhellenic Council, Order of Omega, Student Government, Dean’s Student Advisory Council for the College of Health Professions

Awards/recognition: Founder’s Scholarship, Dean’s List, Student Excellence Award for the College of Business, Initiative 125, Greek Servant Leader Award

I am very thankful for my experience in Honors here at Ferris. I do not think I would be where I am today without the friends I made through the Honors Program and the involvement I was “required” to do. I say “required” because technically, yes, Honors requires involvement on campus in organizations, through community service hours, attending campus events, and leadership positions. We would not be the students we are if we were not already attracted to doing those things on our own free will. However, the push and opportunities that Honors provided me guided me into the organizations that have helped me grow as a student and a person during my past three years at Ferris.

Beyond the involvement and advancement that came from being in Honors, I have enjoyed staying in Honors for my college career because of the community. I still see people who lived on my floor freshman year, and they are still people I can talk to and reach out to if I am in need. It’s like we have a bond since we went through the same requirements and activities our freshman year. Or, maybe the bond came from spending 2 years together on the same floor. Either way, I love being able to walk across campus and run into people from completely different majors who are still my friends even if we have not talked in months.

Haylee won the Greek Servant Leader Award for Alpha Xi Delta.

Haylee won the Greek Servant Leader Award for Alpha Xi Delta.

Thanks to Honors, I feel as if all of Ferris is my friend, which has allowed me to grow and thrive as a person within such a large but close community.

I think Honors’ sense of community is important in keeping students at Ferris for the length of their programs. By having a community of their own, students can transition easier and quicker than those who feel alone or only know a few people at college. I think that is what is so unique and special about Honors at Ferris. We are all academics and have a passion to be involved, but Honors gave us the community and the support in order to grow and flourish during our college career.

What I am going to miss most about leaving Ferris is the community that I have come to love and do not know where I would be without. But, I am excited to go out into the workforce and start putting all the things I learned into practice. We spend countless hours learning about theories and tools in college and now I am ready to put those theories and tools into action.

As a senior looking back on my time in Honors and at Ferris, I think the RSO that has changed me the most has been my sorority, Alpha Xi Delta. I entered into the organization as a quiet, timid freshman and I will leave as a confident leader. I never would have joined that had it not been for the friends I had made in my dorm freshman year or the push from Honors to become involved in a student organization during freshman year. My sorority gave me lots of opportunities to work on what I hated most, public speaking, and more opportunities to get involved on campus. The requirements for a sorority closely match the requirements the Honors Program gives us, and that made it extremely easy to attend all the campus events and give back through community service hours.

When I leave Ferris in December, I plan on completing two internships with St. Joseph Mercy Health System starting in January and ending in May. Once I am done with those I will be looking for either a full-time position or will be going on to graduate school to earn my MBA.


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