Outstanding Service Award Recipient: Zac Kramer

By Megan McGrath

The Outstanding Service Award is given to one or two students who contribute their time and energy to serve their communities regularly.

Zac with his little brother of Big Brothers Big Sisters

Zac with his little brother of Big Brothers Big Sisters

Zac Kramer is a pre-med/biology senior from Mount Pleasant. He is extremely involved in the community and gives his time on a weekly basis to serve.

“I visit my hospice patient once a week and my little brother (of Big Brothers Big Sisters) twice a week in addition to volunteering at various campus events,” Zac said. “Last summer I also went to the Dominican Republic for a week to serve underprivileged families in rural areas with the Pre-Medicine Club.”

As an active member of the Honors Program, Zac values the leadership skills he has learned and the opportunities for service Honors has provided. Zac believes he influences others when he volunteers and believes he is a better person because of the service he has participated in.

“Classes only take up some of my time and I always like to be doing something so I figured what better way to contribute my time than volunteering in a community that has given me so much?” Zac said.

In his free time, Zac likes to hang out with friends, watch Netflix, participate in intramural sports, and visit his girlfriend, who attends Michigan State University.

Zac’s favorite experience at Ferris has been winning the 2015 Homecoming Kickball Tournament with the Student Alumni Gold Club.

“I have a competitive personality so it was great to come out on top of the fierce competition with other friends in the Student Alumni Gold Club,” said Zac.

Last summer, Zac also obtained his EMT license. He completed the Initiative 125 during the 2014 – 2015 school year.

Zac’s additional involvement includes Men’s Club Volleyball (2012 – 2013), Honors Programming Board (2012 – 2013), Pre-Medicine Club (2013 – 2015), Student Alumni Gold Club (2015), Hospice of Michigan (2013 – 2015), Big Brothers Big Sisters (2014 – 2015), Biology Research (2014 – 2015), Emergency Room Scribe (2014 – 2015), Tutor (2015), Rake N’ Run, and the Big Event.

After graduation, Zac plans to take a year off of school to study for the MCAT and apply to medical school.


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