2015 Outstanding Leader: Marc Jaruzel

By Savannah Decker

Marc Jaruzel is a criminal justice junior from Millington. At the Fall 2015 Honors Program 4.0 Dinner and Awards Banquet, Marc was awarded with the Outstanding Leader Award.

Marc with Honors Advisor Charles Malone at the 4.0 Dinner and Awards Banquet on Sept. 23.

Marc with Honors Advisor Charles Malone at the 4.0 Dinner and Awards Banquet on Sept. 23.

One way that Marc shows his leadership skills is through the RSO that he is treasurer of: Bulldog Sustainability Alliance. He participates in many community service events on campus through this RSO including recycling on campus, river clean up, trail building, and many others. Marc truly enjoys giving back to the community with his RSO members, stating that, “they are all a very friendly, great group of people who are working for a good cause. We do some great service events and have a good time while we do them.”

Marc also shows his great leadership skills through his involvement in the Honors Peer Mentor Program. As a peer mentor, Marc takes first year honors students under his wing and leads them throughout their entire first year.

“I help my mentees become acquainted with Ferris and help them to be successful in the Honors Program,” Marc said.

Marc believes that he won the Outstanding Leader award because he has unique leadership experience from his unit in the Marine Corps Reserve.

“I think that was something that stood out and was unique from the other entries,” Marc explained.

Marc is thankful for his numerous experiences and opportunities presented to him while here at Ferris State University.

“From getting into Honors last minute to receiving scholarships and this award, Ferris and the Honors program have put me on a great track to being successful,” he said.

Even as an Honors Peer Mentor, Treasurer for the Bulldog Sustainability Act, working at Meceola Central Dispatch, and being a member of the Marine Corps Reserve, Marc still finds time for his personal hobbies.

“Outside of work and school I like to run, be outside, hang out with friends, and watch movies or Netflix,” he said. “My favorite movies are Lord of the Rings and my favorite show is Futurama.”

In addition to the Outstanding Leader Award, Marc has numerous other achievements including receiving the Canadian Lakes Endowed Scholarship, Ferris State University Transfer Scholarship, Millard and Ida Quinlan Scholarship, 4.0 GPA award for Spring 2015, and being on the Dean’s List.

Marc is anticipated to graduate in May of 2017, and he states that his plans are “to go to graduate school part time for political science. I am interested in working in government. Starting out in local government and working my way up. I am also interested in working for a volunteer fire/rescue department and I may switch to the National Guard after I am finished with the Marine Corps.”


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