Study at Oxford

Ferris Honors students now have the opportunity to study at Oxford over the summer.

Dr. Bradley held a Lunch and Learn today in which he explained how the newly-implemented program works.

Oxford, or the University of Oxford, is one of the oldest and best universities in the world. Oxford is located in Oxford, England and is made up of 38 separate colleges.

Ferris Honors students can now earn credits through Oxford. According to Dr. Bradley, the most common program for Ferris students would be to become Associate Member. Details of this include:

  • Having a 3.0 GPA or higher
  • Becoming an Associate at New College, Christ Church, or Trinity (including dining and club privileges)
  • Access to Bodleian Library
  • 6 week terms (two tutorials at three credits each)
  • Not degree candidates at Oxford
  • Transcript sent through the University of the Pacific. Must make arrangements with the Study Abroad Office before you go
  • Most common time frame is April – June, when Oxford students are still in session
  • Students may study anything they want for their tutorials

The other program options are detailed here.

As explained by Dr. Bradley, a six week tutorial works as follows:

  • Students can suggest topics they are interested in and would like to study
  • For each tutorial, a student would meet with the same Oxford instructor once a week
  • Meeting would last approximately 1.5 hours
  • The instructor would assign a paper to work on each week
    • Paper would be focused on questions
    • 2/3 descriptive (including lit reviews/history of the question)
    • 1/3 analytical
    • Use of evidence, depth of reading
    • Brief bibliography
    • 7-9 pages long
  • The instructor and student would go over each paper at the next session

Dr. Bradley said the purpose of a tutorial is to “cultivate independent thinkers,” engage in dialog, and exchange ideas.

“That’s why Oxford is most interested in American Honors Programs,” said Dr. Bradley. “They understand that what we’re trying to do is what they’re trying to do… It’s not memorizing what the textbook says, it’s going out and figuring it out for yourself.”

The details of the costs of the programs can be found here. For the Associate Program, it’s $6,900 for four weeks and $8,900 for six weeks. Ferris Honors may grant travel funds to help pay for the flight.

To learn more about the Oxford Study Away Program, visit If you are interested in applying and would like assistance, contact Dr. Bradley at


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