Fall 2015 Edwin Harris Memorial Scholarship: Mary Stoll

By Savannah Decker

Mary Stoll is a pre-optometry sophomore at Ferris State University who was recently awarded the Edwin Harris Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded once a year to a student in the Honors Program. The student must have demonstrated academic excellence, appreciation and utilization of technology in the learning process, and potential for success in their chosen field.

Mary with her brother Matt, who is on the men's basketball team.

Mary with her brother Matt, who is on the men’s basketball team.

Mary demonstrates academic success through her involvement and achievements at Ferris State. On top of being a member of the Honors Program, she is the manager of the women’s basketball team, a member of the Pre-Optometry Club, and a member of the Fellowship of Christian Students.

Mary is not only involved on campus, but in the community. She works as a fruit vender for Nyblad Family Farm and also participates in community service as a student helper at the Tri-County Area Schools, a MCO volunteer in the pediatric clinic, a blood drive volunteer, and numerous other Honors and pre-optometry related events.

“I have learned how important it is to be involved in the community,” Mary said. “It is a great feeling knowing you can make a difference for others and it’s fun to get off campus to participate.”

During her studies at Ferris State University, Mary has been the recipient of numerous awards. She has been awarded the Honors 4.0 Award twice—once in Fall 2014 and once in Fall 2015.

Even with her busy schedule, Mary still has time to enjoy herself and attend events around campus. Her favorite experience so far at Ferris States was watching her brother, who is on the men’s basketball team.

“I was able to attend all of the home games along with most of the away games,” she said. “It was really fun being able to watch the men’s basketball team win the GLIAC championship.”

Mary said her favorite place on campus is Wink Arena.

“I love being able to help at practices and go to basketball games,” Mary said. “It gives me something fun to look forward to.”

Mary is expected to graduate in May of 2017 from the Pre-Optometry program. Her goal is to attend the Michigan College of Optometry to become a pediatric optometrist.


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