2015 Honors Variety Show

By Nicole Outman

Last Thursday, Ferris’ Ukulele Club won Crowd Favorite and Honors student Amy Bell won Judge’s Choice for her piano performance at the annual Honors Variety Show.


Crowd Favorite winner the Ukulele Club and Judge’s Choice winner Amy Bell. Photo courtesy of Ferris Honors

The president of the Ukulele Club, Morgan Zloto, is currently a second year Honors student and is also a member of the Women’s Golf Team. Zloto said the Ukulele Club is a fairly new RSO, having only been at Ferris since February. The club is already active in the community and participated in Rake N Run earlier this fall.

Uke Club

Ferris’ Ukulele Club performing “I’m Yours” at the Honors Variety Show last Thursday. Photo courtesy of Ferris Honors

The organization chose to perform the song “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz because it’s a song everyone likes and knows the lyrics to. When asked if she thought the group would win, Zloto responded with, “Uke betcha! We were fretting after seeing the other competitors perform, but after we finished our tune we felt sharp.” Zloto also said that if anyone is interested in joining The Ukulele Club their meetings are Wednesdays at 7 p.m. in the University Center. Follow them on Twitter (@fsuukeclub) and Facebook (The Ukulele Club) for more information.

Amy Bell is a pre-optometry Honors freshman. She currently volunteers at the Michigan College of Optometry and is a member of His House and the Pre-Optometry Club.

Amy Bell

Ferris Honors student Amy Bell performing “Edelweiss Glide” at the Honors Variety Sow. Bell won the Judge’s Choice award.

Bell has been playing piano for around 10 years, and chose to perform “Edelweiss Glide” by F.E. Vanderbeck because it has been her mother’s favorite song for a long time. She decided to perform this particular song in honor of her. When asked if she thought she would win she said, “No! Every person who performed was so talented that I was completely surprised at the results.”

At the Variety Show, Honors Programing Board raised $182 to go to Our Brothers Keeper Homeless Shelter. Judges for the event were Deb Savides, secretary of the Honors Program, Dr. Bradley Isler, and Dr. Trinidy Williams. Other participants were:

Dakota Cortez, who performed “Space Oddity” by David Bowie on guitar.

Megan McCormick and Kat Reuter, who sang a duet of “Tenerife Sea” by Ed Sheeran.

Taylor Flood, who sang “And I’m Telling You” by Jennifer Hudson.

Josh Olszewski, who sang “Coming Home/Stand By Me” by Leon Bridges and Ben King.

And Megan McCormick, who sung a Roar/Brave Melody by Katy Perry and Sara Bereilles.


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