What will be different about Fun Day 2016?

By Maggie Doyle

Is 2016 the year for change? Honors psychology student Justin Wolber and Honors PGM student Chaz Shugars think it’s the perfect time to switch things up. Both sophomores are part of the Peer Mentor Board and would like Fun Day to be a little more fun. Chaz said they want to take the “mandatory, summer camp feel” out of Fun Day.

Fun Day 2014

Students play “Human Knot” at Fun Day 2014. Photo courtesy of Ferris Honors

The main Fun Day will be set up the same way and consist of some of the same games and activities, but they’re hoping to maybe involve some other RSOs on campus and include new games as well. These simple changes are only the beginning. Their main idea is to expand Fun Day over the whole first weekend. It’s the time students have before classes start to have a chance to get to know people and learn their way around campus. They want to create multiple events such as inflatables, a glow party, and a water war. Peer Mentor groups would choose only a couple out of all the events spread out over Saturday and Sunday. This would give them a chance to experience some of the events and meet different groups of people than the ones they would be placed with on actual Fun Day.

To fund all these extra events throughout the weekend Justin and Chaz will be looking to businesses for sponsorship. This not only helps make these extra things possible, but gives the local businesses advertisement opportunities to show new students what kind of things are available in Big Rapids.

We all are looking forward to seeing what Justin and Chaz have in store for Fun Day 2016. It sure sounds like it’s going to be a great welcome weekend for new Honors students!


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