Where in the world is Tammy Babcock?

By Leah Veltema 


Photo courtesy of Ferris Honors 

Many Ferris Honors Program students have come across a woman named Tammy Babcock. I am a freshman and unaware of her reputation, but I have come across a few people who have had an experience with Tammy, and every single person has had nothing but positive words to say about her and her work.

Tammy Babcock was the assistant for the Honors Program Office. She has worked at Ferris since 1997 in various capacities and joined the Honors Program as assistant in 2001.

She was responsible for monitoring the budget, training and supervising Honors staff, facilitating the Honors admissions process, and producing various complex reports. She organized large events throughout the year such as the Honors Summer Orientation, the Senior Symposium, the Senior Send-Off Banquet, Honors Awards/4.0 Banquets, and the Honors Invitational Competition. She also served as co-advisor for Honors Programming Board.

Last February, Tammy switched positions from her work in Honors to an Administrative Assistant in the Office of Budgetary Planning and Analysis. I had a chance to ask Tammy about her past and present in regards to her career at Ferris.

I worked many years being in the forefront at Ferris, but now am enjoying being behind the scenes,” she said. “I’ve come to learn and appreciate the fundamentals of operating a university that I didn’t have much exposure to. It is very interesting.”

Tammy’s new job is very different as she no longer plans large scale events and doesn’t work directly with students or parents. She says what she misses most about her Honors job is the faculty and students she had gotten to know.

“I really enjoyed working with students all those years and appreciated the uniqueness of each and every one of them,” Tammy said. “To witness the transformation of a student over the course of 4+ years was amazing and inspiring.”

Tammy welcomes students to visit her any time in her office in the Timme Center for Student Services, office 306.


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