Dress Well, Test Well?

By Maggie Doyle

Finals week in college is the most stressful time of the year for students. All around campus you’ll see sweatpants and people sleeping in odd places with pencils still in hand. While we all know that there’s no quick fix to acing exams, there may be a little trick to help. What I’m talking about is a recent popular tag on twitter that reads #DressWellTestWell. It may seem silly, but could dressing better on test days really lead to higher test scores?

While no actual studies have been done on the subject, this is a concept that isn’t new to students. Just recently I asked a girl in one of my classes how she always found the time to get her hair done, dress as nicely as she does and always show up to class on time with a cup of coffee before exams. She had a simple answer; when she dressed better she had more confidence in every aspect and it especially helped her feel more confident when testing. Isn’t that something we could all try out? Sure, the idea of setting an alarm even earlier, or making yourself look presentable after an all-nighter may not be the most appealing thing, especially during finals week. But you could go ahead and give it the old college try, and you never know what could happen… after all, who wouldn’t do everything in their power to do well on exams?

If you need some inspiration or want to jump onto this new trend, head over to twitter and check out the hashtag #DressWellTestWell or just use this link –https://twitter.com/search?q=dresswelltestwell&src=typd


Good luck to all Bulldogs on your exams! Happy Testing 🙂

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