Meet Me: An Honors Student Profile


My name is Maggie Doyle, I’m a freshman here at Ferris, in the honors Pre-Pharmacy program. I’m a born and raised yooper, and moving down to Big Rapids has been the only time i’ve moved in my life. I’m so glad I made the decision to be a bulldog as my time here at Ferris has been a wonderful experience so far. IMG_7729

When The Endeavor was first brought up to me I was extremely interested in writing articles, being a science major I don’t spend much time writing anything and it’s a nice break from all of my classes. To my surprise I was recommended to take over as editor after only a couple months of writing articles. I immediately accepted and I couldn’t be happier with the decision. Even though it’s only my second semester here at Ferris I’m very excited to see where The Endeavor takes both me, and all of you.

The Endeavor is all about Honors students and the honors events that go on around campus here in Big Rapids. So that’s what I’d like to focus on. I’d like to get perspective from Honors students, share advice about school and honors, make students aware of what all goes on within and outside the honors program, including different events you could get involved with.

If there are any articles you’d like to see or topics you’d like to be part of The Endeavor feel free to get ahold of me and share, input from other Honors students is more than welcome.

Like I mentioned, I’m very excited about taking on this project and I hope I meet expectations as met by previous editors. I’ll be posting more soon, so stay tuned!

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