Honors Art Show 2016

Written by: Samantha Cavotta

For her third year now, Amy Jackowski has won the Honors Art Show. Amy is an environmental biology major here at Ferris State University. When asked why she was not an art major, she said, “I keep art as a hobby so that way I can still enjoy it.”  Only taking the mandatory art classes in elementary school, having a father who does woodworking, and a mother who makes decorative cards; her impressive abilities to do so well with paintings does not seem to have a direct correlation to her background.


%22Teach Me to Breathe%22


This year Amy entered, “Teach Me to Breathe,” which is a 20×24 oil painting, pictured above. Every year Amy claims that she finishes her paintings the day before the show, so when seeing Amy’s paintings she suggests not touching them, as they are probably still wet. It must be part of the winning process because the judges sure do love her work.  Amy places her painting under the realism category, which is appropriate because of the realistic nature of her art.  When visiting her art you will notice she does not have a lot written about the piece under the painting’s description.  Amy does this on purpose because she likes people to come up with their own interpretations of her work, and not just read what is given.

In reference to other works that Amy has done, there is a common theme among them.  The people she puts in her paintings do not have faces.  When asked why, Amy says, “The people not having faces adds a mysteriousness to it, faces give too much away, they are too easy to read.  With just body language it allows you for more interpretations, able to feel more of the emotions.”

This year Amy won the show with an oil painting, but her medium preference changes on a day-to-day basis; it could be watercolor or pencil next time.  Definitely look forward to seeing another one of her pieces in the show next year because Amy will be back with something that will surely be as great as this year. Just remember not to touch it!

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